Omni channel customer support

3 challenges Vtiger solves for customer service managers

If you work as a customer service manager, then we understand that every day you work under a lot of pressure and face many challenges. Every day, you have to motivate and drive your customer support team to deliver the best customer service experience. You have to constantly monitor your team activities and train your support reps to ensure that they work to their full potential. You have to continuously analyse service quality to improve or redesign the process for better experience. You have to cope with frustrated customers on escalated calls and emails. And you have to build strategies to overcome these challenges and more problems that you and your team encounter every day.

Using the right technology such as Vtiger CRM, helps you overcome many such customer service challenges and solve customer problems. With Vtiger’s support automation you can streamline your entire customer service process – from automatic case creation to case resolution follow-ups. Since Vtiger CRM acts as a central repository for all customer related data, your support representatives are always prepared to answer customer queries. You can ensure quick case resolution process with Vtiger SLA and regularly monitor your support team’s performance with Vtiger’s support insights.

Here are 3 customer service challenges that you can overcome with Vtiger CRM:

Challenge 1: Streamlining customer service experience across multiple channels

Today, customers reach out for support through different channels – emails, phone calls, live chat, social channels. A study notes that 75% of customers switch to a second channel when they don’t get a satisfying response on the first. Vtiger automatically creates cases in CRM when your customer calls or writes an email to your support team, or submits a query through a web form, or comments on your social page. Since all cases are tagged to the same contact, your customer support rep can pull-up previous interactions in seconds and resume the conversation right from where the customer had left off – creating an omni channel customer experience.

Delight customers with streamlined multi-channel support

Challenge 2: Measuring customer satisfaction and identifying the delivery gap


Collecting customer feedback is crucial to understand the level of support that your customers expect from you team. When Bain and Company surveyed organizations, 80% of the organizations believed that they deliver the best customer experience. However, only 8% of customers feel that they received a good customer experience from the same organizations. This is why it’s important to collect customer feedback and use that information to set customer service benchmark and improve customer experience.

On a case resolution, Vtiger automatically sends satisfaction survey to the customer who reported the issue. The survey lets your customer express if they are happy, sad, or feel neutral about the interaction they had with your support team. If a customer is unhappy with the service, then it’s important to listen and understand the reason. So, Vtiger lets your customers write a quick feedback on what bothered them – was it the delay in answering the query, or the inadequate information provided, or something else. You can use this feedback to take measures to ensure that the customers don’t go through the same bad experience again.

Vtiger’s customer satisfaction survey: why measure customer happiness?

Challenge 3: Building customer trust with transparent customer service

Keeping your customers informed on the progress of reported issues is very important to build trust. A survey on customer experience notes that 89% of customers who report issues expect transparent overview of the next steps.


Vtiger’s customer portal allows your customers see how you prioritize their issues and track every step of progress through the resolution process. If your support team requires additional information to resolve the issue, your customers can provide the information in the comments sections and upload a supporting documents for faster case resolution. When the case resolution process is transparent, it reduces the suspicion of the unknowns and builds customer trust.

Do you have any questions on how to manage customer service in Vtiger? Feel free to comment below.

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