Introducing Vtiger 360 for Field Sales: Optimise sales visits with quicker navigation and real time check-in

Field sales agents who spend most of the time visiting prospects and customers, always look for ways to improve travel efficiency to spend more time with their clients. To help field agents like you optimize travel plans and navigate efficiently, Vtiger has introduced a GPS based location tracking feature right inside Vtiger 360 mobile app. You can now simply click on the location icon provided in the leads, contacts, and organization module to visualize the location in map view and navigate to the customer location on a click. On reaching the client’s location, you can quickly check in and out of the event – keeping the managers informed on how much of time was spent with each customer.

Vtiger 360 helps you reach new locations faster:

Vtiger 360 for field sales helps you reach new location faster with one click navigation option. You no longer have to depend on external GPS tool. On opening a lead, contact, or organization record, in the Vtiger mobile app, you will now see a location symbol. On clicking on the location symbol, you will be redirected to map view of the destination location. You can visualize the route and start navigating from your current location to the destination point.


Track time spent at customer site


After sales visits, you generate daily or weekly customer visit reports to inform your manager on how much of time you spent with each customer and share meeting notes. With Vtiger 360 for field sales, you can check in and out of customer site in real time – giving your manager an accurate picture of time spent on each customer meeting. For customer events, Vtiger lets sales managers set Geo-fence radius within which you can check-in to an event. Once the event is complete, you can mark the event as held and make a quick note @mentioning your manager. This process eliminates after hour reporting and allows your manager to auto-generate agent check-in report regularly.


Agent check-in reports help managers evaluate sales agent’s travel plan. For instance, if you are spending more time on traveling and less time on customer meeting, sales manager can assign you clients who stay in proximity.

Receive accurate travel reimbursement:

When you use your vehicle for sales visits, your company reimburses your travel expenses. With Vtiger 360 for field sales, you can show the route you traveled to get to customer’s location. This is a reliable way to calculate the exact miles you took to customer’s location.

In case your contact has relocated, you can update contact address in two ways. Firstly, if you are at the contact’s location, you can directly set the current location as the contact’s address. Secondly, you can simply drag the location pointer in the map view to the exact customer location and click on update address. This way your contact address is always accurate and you can claim the right reimbursement amount.

Read Vtiger 360 for Field Sales documentation for more information. Have questions? Feel free to drop in a comment or emails us at support@vtiger.com
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