Omni channel customer support

Delight customers with streamlined multi-channel support

Today’s customers engage with businesses through more channels than ever before. They make phone calls, write emails, post on company Facebook and Twitter pages, visit company websites, and engage in live chats as some of the most popular means of outreach. While all customers start with one channel, 75% of customers switch to a second channel if they don’t obtain desired results from the first. This results in a disconnect, as new support associates that the customer interacts with with have to explore the customer’s story all over. This costs businesses time and money, and adds to customer frustration that can lead to an eventual jumping of ship to a competitor.

Vtiger CRM helps businesses overcome the multi-channel challenge, by letting businesses provide an omni-channel customer experience. Your customers can start a conversation in one channel, and then reach out through a completely different channel – picking up right where they left off. Let’s say, for instance, that a customer calls to report that he hasn’t received a package, and the following day, tweets to find out if you know any more. A support agent can immediately pull up the contact’s record using their Twitter handle, then see associated open cases and communications listed in chronological order, including things like recorded calls. This gives them an immediate rundown of what’s happened so far, and tells them how to follow up next.

Here are 3 steps to create delightful cross-channel customer experiences with Vtiger:

Engage customers through their channel of preference

Customers want to reach businesses whenever and however they want. Different studies reveal this in different ways – for example 43% of customers in the age group of 18-29 use social media to voice their complaints, while 68% of all customers prefer a phone call for more immediate answers. Whether your customers prefer phone calls, submitting tickets through a customer portal, or social channels, Vtiger can let you listen intently. And because all interactions, regardless of the channel, are recorded in Vtiger, your support team will be able to see them in clicks, and deliver frictionless customer service.

Gain a 360-degree view of every customer engagement through touchpoints

Customers may hop from one channel to another when seeking assistance, but, to them, it’s all a single conversation. When they choose to continue the conversation on a different channel after a day, week, or even a month, they expect you to remember the context. Vtiger’s touchpoints is designed to help you view all interactions spread across emails, chats, and phone calls along with number of cases open and resolved for that customer.

Delight customers with timely case resolutions

69% of customers attribute a positive customer service experience to their problem being solved quickly. Vtiger lets you provide Service level agreements to your customers, which define case response and resolution times that you are committed to. Email alerts and escalations alert staff and management well before a case violates its SLA, so that you always keep customers happy.

Sign up for a free trial of Vtiger to get access to Vtiger’s cases with SLAs, knowledge base, support insights, and other tools to improve your customer service team’s performance and to better serve your customers.

Have questions about managing customer service that you’d like to explore? Share them with us in the comments below!

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