VC firm Milky Way Ventures selects Vtiger as its CRM of choice

If you’ve ever made a major life purchase, like buying a new house, you know that a few weeks or months of ownership can bring insights and wisdom about your needs that all the preparatory planning never could. And if you had to make the purchase again, maybe you’d buy something with a bigger garage or a gated yard, or that’s farther from a main road. The best advice, one might argue, comes from those who’ve experienced the process a few times.

Buying CRM software isn’t very different. After selecting, deploying, and customizing software, training employees, and dealing with latent needs, most executives and managers learn enough about their organizations and people to wish that they had done things at least a little differently. In spite of what they might learn, few, however, have the stamina to deploy such a wide-reaching solution across the organization more than once. Advice from an organization that has been down the ropes a few times might help in finding the right solution the first time around.

VC firm and e-commerce startup incubator, Milky Way Ventures, is one such organization that has experienced the launch of many CRM solutions in short succession. As a provider of capital and advisory services to multiple new e-commerce startups a year, MWV has rigorously tested many CRM solutions in search of one to use in the repeatable and scalable business model it applies to quickly scale portfolio companies’ businesses. Upon discovering Vtiger, MWV’s search came to an end.

MWV credits Vtiger’s fast and intuitive set-up process and free support with ensuring that its startups hit the ground running on day one. Vtiger’s intuitive interface and customizability made it easy to train employees at new portfolio companies, and its strong reporting and data visualization tools and dashboards enable MWV to monitor and spend more time guiding growth across companies.

Want to learn more about how Milky Way Ventures leverages Vtiger for success? Check out our case study on Vtiger + MWV

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