Milky Way Ventures + Vtiger CRM




Milano, Mi


  • Easy to use interface
  • Improved Sales process



MWV is an Italy based incubator and venture capital fund focused on advising and scaling eCommerce startups. MVW typically launches 2 startups a year.

One of MVW’s principal challenges is quickly setting up new companies: MWV aims to bring a marketplace online within 60 days after investment. To ensure scalable and efficient operations, MVW replicates best practices with tools and processes across its startups.

To scale and automate sales at its startups MVW had tried using a number of other CRM solutions, but employees found them too complicated to use. Additionally, focusing the user experience by reducing features and interfaces to only those relevant was a time-consuming and imperfect process. MVW thus sought a new CRM for its startups.


  • Easy to deploy, customize, use, and scale as a company grows
  • Sales pipeline automation with email templates
  • Integration of an SIP gateway
  • Strong dashboard functionality to continuously monitor growth

Solution: Vtiger CRM Ultimate Edition

In 2015, MWV switched to Vtiger CRM to scale its incubated startups. Each startup received support to launch the CRM internally and to set up and automate sales processes and dashboards.

Quick and Uncomplicated Setup

With Vtiger, MWV can launch full scale operation for new venture companies within a few days of funding.

Intuitive UI Reduces Training Time

Vtiger’s easy-to-use interface reduced employee learning curves, allowing sales managers to start working within 90 minutes of deployment instead of after a previously required 1 to 2 days of coaching.

Automation is Easy

Vtiger’s rich yet easy to use feature set allows MWV to quickly roll out complex functionality like sales process automation, reporting, and customer support.

Unparalleled Visibility into Growth

Dashboards and charts unique to each organization provide MVW with visibility into each startup’s performance at a glance, improving the speed, relevance, and efficacy of the guidance it provides to startups.