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Turbocharge sales growth with Vtiger CRM

From prospecting better to closing sales faster, Vtiger CRM helps sales teams to achieve their goals effortlessly. With a whole range of inbuilt tools and AI-driven capabilities to assist, sales team members and managers can now get complete control over all stages of the sales pipeline and crush those targets.

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Why is Vtiger CRM the best choice for high performing sales teams?

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Optimize Your Sales Pipeline

Vtiger CRM makes it easy for you to visualize, interact with and track opportunities and deals as they progress through your sales pipeline. Automate everything from lead capture, segmentation, campaigns, and analytics to digitally signing contracts and even raising invoices from a single place. AI-driven intelligent nudges and automation help you to focus on what you really want to - close deals.

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Streamline Your Sales Operations

Vtiger CRM is the ideal solution for sales teams to be on top of all planned activities and tasks. With Customer One View, all team members are always on the same page as your prospects and deals progress through the pipeline.

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Outperform with AI-Driven Insights

Sales team members want to know the health of their individual pipeline, while sales managers need to be on top of the overall pipeline numbers. With smart AI-driven insights, you now have complete visibility across the entire sales pipeline, both at individual and team levels. Use AI to analyze the quality of calls, and emails and capture sentiment. Get up to speed on the status of each deal along with all the details you need and even recommendations on the next step you need to take to close the deal.

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Shorten the Sales Cycle and Forecast Better

Vtiger Customer One View ensures that your customer data is always accurate and up to date. When your teams operate from a single source of truth, they are more efficient and proficient at meeting customer expectations. With advanced analytics that give managers complete visibility into the sales pipeline, you can help the team sell better and faster and accurately predict future sales revenue.

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Improve Internal and External Collaboration

In sales, time is of the essence. With built-in tools like live chat and deal room, your collaboration within the team and with the prospect is at a new level. No more worries about missing critical deal-related information or not being able to respond in time to queries.

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Coach Your Team To Sell Better

With advanced sales coaching capabilities built into the CRM, you can now guide the team on how to sell better. Advanced analytics, individual salesperson level performance tracking, and automated call and email sentiment analysis give you the insights and data required to personalize the coaching plan for each individual sales rep.

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Key Vtiger CRM Capabilities for Sales Teams

Why is Vtiger the ideal Sales CRM for your business?

Exceptional support all the way

Vtiger’s award winning customer support and client success teams are available at every step to help you get the most out of your CRM investment.  From migrating your data from spreadsheets or legacy systems to architecting a custom solution to meet your very specific business needs, we will be your support system all along the way when you need us. 

Simple to configure and customize

Every business is different and you have unique workflows. Vtiger CRM makes it incredibly easy to setup custom pipelines and workflows that meet your requirements. You can automate and streamline your processes easily so all teams are working efficiently from a single view of the customer.

Easy to set up and use

You need to focus on things that matter to your business. Learning a complex tool isn’t one among them. Vtiger CRM is designed to have you up and running in a matter of hours. The intuitive interface is easy to use and administer without requiring an IT expert. 

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