eLobe + Vtiger CRM


Information Technology & Services


United Kingdom


  • 20-25% growth in marketing productivity
  • Bird's eye view of customer relationships


eLobe, a new business development services company for large B2B software and services organizations in Europe and the U.S. saw a period of sustained growth, but was bottlenecked by a previous on-premise CRM solution.The CRM and on-premise infrastructure were fraught with issues that resulted in periodic lapses in access to critical sales and engagement data, affecting marketing and sales efficiency and growth. To accelerate its growth, eLobe sought a new CRM with high availability and adaptability to its marketing and sales process.


  • High availability, universal accessibility
  • Ease of customization and implementation
  • Customizable sales and marketing workflows and processes
  • Custom lead segment lists
  • High level contact and deal views

The Solution: Vtiger CRM On Demand

eLobe deployed Vtiger in under a week, and was able to transition from its old CRM mid-operations, with minimal interruptions by leveraging Vtiger's free customer support. Comprehensive contact views and task management features, coupled with new workflow automation capabilities and segmentation tools enable eLobe to engage with more customers and to provide a markedly improved customer experience.


  • 25% increase in marketing productivity
  • 100% cloud-based, paperless office
  • Improved segmentation and speed of communication
  • Globally accessible, high availiability system
  • Adaptability to complex lead nurturing process
  • Comprehensive contact profiles, notes, and engagement histories
  • Custom lead and contact segmentation and lists