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Effortless Scheduling for Online and In-Person Meetings

For Sales

Drive more revenue

Secure valuable meetings instantly and transform scheduling into a competitive edge.

Accelerate Your Sales Process

Maintain peak deal momentum and eliminate scheduling obstacles throughout your sales journey.

Increase Your Deal Closures

Tailor reminder and follow-up workflows to advance deals, integrate with sales tools, and streamline administrative tasks for a sales-focused approach.

For Marketing

Generate a Deeper Sales Pipeline

Convert Marketing Leads into Scheduled Meetings, with Speed.

Improve lead response times

Secure a Competitive Edge with Seamless Prospect Meeting Booking, Minimizing Message Exchanges.

Enhance Conversion Rates

Streamline the Sales Funnel for Increased Deal Closures.

For Customer Support

Increase customer retention

Engage Customers Throughout Their Journey for Strong, Long-term Partnerships..

Accelerate Your Response Times

Promptly Schedule Time to Address Customer Needs and Facilitate Self-Service to Support Their Objectives.

Enhance NPS and Customer Well-Being

Revamp Your Meeting Scheduling Approach to Boost Customer Satisfaction and Sustain Elevated Engagement Through Reminder and Follow-Up Processes.

We make scheduling Simple and Free

Simplified Meeting Scheduling

Don't waste time going back and forth with emails to schedule meetings. With the free Vtiger meeting scheduler, potential clients can easily set up meetings with you or your team. Our meeting scheduler works smoothly with your existing apps and connects to your Vtiger contacts database. Whenever a prospect schedules a meeting, your database expands and stays up-to-date. Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and free up your time for more important tasks.

Avoid back and forth of meeting scheduling.

Let potential clients schedule meetings with you and save hours of back-and-forth emails. Clients can book the time slot that suits them best making it convenient for both of you to plan meetings.

Leverage the appointment scheduler to streamline your sales workflow..

When you're dealing with ambitious quotas, staying on top of your prospects can seem overwhelming. Remove the manual effort from scheduling appointments to give yourself more time to focus on sealing deals. Share your appointment booking link with prospects, enabling them to book directly from your open calendar.


Yes. The meeting scheduler is a part of the free crm tools in the Vtiger One Pilot edition and is totally free for up to 10 users.

No. The application is hosted in the cloud. Just sign up and you are ready to go.

Yes you can. All the capabilities of the Pilot edition are enabled for you.

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