What is Collaborative CRM?

Collaborative CRM assists businesses in consolidating communications and shared resources when working towards winning a deal.

Collaborative CRM software is ideal for unifying efforts of various business functions in achieving common goals.

It eliminates silos and leverages communication channels, interactions, and document management to augment your efforts.

collaborative crm

Collaborative CRM is made up of two parts:

Interaction Management

It allows you to record all your customer interactions and monitor them so that you get a 360-degree view for complete understanding. This will enable you to optimize every interaction for the highest customer satisfaction.

Channel Management

It helps you ascertain the efficacy of communication channels for every customer. This data empowers sales reps to tweak their communications suitably for maximizing gains from the customer. Simple optimizations like these go a long way in improving the interactive experience with the customers.

What does Collaborative CRM do?

Collaborative CRM helps improve inter-team communication in businesses. Effective communication and coordination between employees contribute to increased efficiency in performing common tasks, assigned workloads, and scheduled events.

Here are the key points which illustrate how collaborative CRM works:

In-built chat application

Chat tools are beneficial in streamlining communication. You can easily connect with your colleagues to better manage work and expand the customer base. Real-time notifications from your chat application keep you apprised of all important events and follow-ups.

Tagging records

Keep your teammates in the loop by sharing essential details of your current deals. Tagging documents with specific labels help you organize data smartly. Use filters to segregate records associated with a deal with just a few clicks.

Project management

Collaborative CRM streamlines task allocation for every teammate and stores all documents in a centralized location. Centralized document storage helps in eliminating duplication and consolidates data for efficient storage. Simplify task management with powerful features like role-based user access.

Real-time reporting

Glean meaningful insights from the visual reports regarding leads, pending tasks, revenues, and sales forecasts. Get real-time information on customer preferences and customize marketing campaigns for optimum results. You can easily share this knowledge with all your teammates to help improve conversions.

How can Collaborative CRM benefit your business?

Collaborative CRM helps different departments in your business, such as marketing, sales, and finance, to work together smartly by sharing customer information among themselves.

Here are the benefits of incorporating collaborative CRM software in your business:

Foster stronger customer relationships: Real-time information sharing within your organization helps you significantly improve the customer experience. Collaborative CRM helps in the automation of marketing, sales, and customer service functions and enables you to build lasting relationships with your customers.

Reduce service costs: Enables you to rationalize your spending by reducing service costs. This is achieved by automating repetitive tasks and reducing manual work where possible. These measures let you get more out of the money you spend and boost profitability.

Increase revenues: Sales reps can smartly up-sell or cross-sell to their customers by leveraging information from the customer database collated via the collaborative CRM software. This helps increase the revenue significantly.

Helps your teamwork smarter: Centralized customer information storage makes it easy to access individual files. Your teammates need not rely on multiple meetings to gain a deeper understanding of the customer requirements. All of this helps in reducing service costs and boosts team productivity.

Collate multi-channel interactions: Collaborative CRM collates data from all the communication channels. Teams can utilize this data to deliver interactions to the customers uniformly irrespective of the data source.

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