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What is CPQ?

CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote) refers to a software tool or capability that empowers sales teams, partners and even customers to create quotes for products and services bundles. CPQ capability is especially useful when dealing with a large catalog or complex products with several components. 

Vtiger CPQ is an add-on for the Vtiger One CRM and offers more advanced capabilities compared to the built-in Quote module.

Benefits of CPQ for businesses

Without a CPQ tool, generating invoices might be a challenge for businesses, even today. Often product or pricing information is maintained in spreadsheets with multiple copies and outdated information. Sales teams might be generating the invoices and documents manually with no consistency. The approval process might be offline or based on email threads that are difficult to track.

With an adhoc or manual approach it is almost impossible to generate timely invoices when large product catalogs governed by complex business and technical rules are involved. This leads to missed opportunities in addition poor visibility and control over the process.

Using a CPQ helps solve all of these problems in a fluid and integrated manner.

Checklist: Does your company need a CPQ tool? 

The built-in Quote module in Vtiger might be sufficient for many businesses. CPQ is only needed if the following is true.

  • Sales reps have to consider many options / SKUs when creating Quote. 
  • Sales reps are sending in different formats
  • Sales reps are sending quotes without approvals. · 
  • Sales reps are losing time in configuring quotes, instead of making sales calls. · 
  • Onboarding new sales reps is taking longer because they have to learn the long list of products and complex pricing rules. 
  • The products have pricing and configuration dependencies that must be taken into account when generating a quote.

With the built in CPQ functionality in a CRM you can achieve the following: 

Handle Complex Product Catalogs

With the product configuration capability in CPQ, you can easily customize the product bundle to align with the requirements of the customer. Unlike a sales catalog, the tool is interactive and can be configured based on rules to suggest or display options when certain components are chosen. This enables the sales teams to quickly identify and configure product offerings that best match the customer requirements.

Deliver Accurate Pricing

The CPQ tool has access to the latest pricing information and thus is able to display the most accurate pricing. Additionally it can handle complex combinations involving discounts, offers, taxes and others dimensions which are very difficult to track and manage offline or manually.

Achieve Fast Quote Generation

In sales, customer experience is defined by the speed of response and its accuracy. With a CPQ tool, quotes can be generated accurately, with the correct pricing and an automated approvals process. It can be done in a fraction of the time it would take otherwise and with no errors.

Use Custom Templates with Consistent Branding

CPQ tool enables you to set up custom templates for quotes. Additionally using the templates ensures that there is consistency in the layout and branding in the documentation shared with customers.

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