Relevant information when you need it

Save time by easily accessing data instead of shuffling around searching for it. Vtiger surfaces relevant information when and where you need it


Customer One View


Aligned Teams

With customer one view, Marketing, Sales and Support teams get a single shared view of customers. With unified customer data you can transform the customer experience journey through relevant conversations

Single Source of Truth

Customer one view serves as the single point of reference for all conversations and actions for the customer record. It is a core enabler for creating world class digital transformation journeys. 

single source
Delight Customers

Delight Customers

From optimal customer experiences at each touch point to insightful and meaningful conversations - customer one view empowers you to delight your customers and be a partner with them on their growth journey.


Customer journeys


Identify key interactions

Identify key interactions between your organization and customers.  Get insights into what motivates your customers and what their expectations are.

Isolate gaps

Improve your sales process and increase adoption by identifying gaps in your sales funnel by indicating the circumstances or situations where your prospects and customers drop off.

slipped deals

Eliminate disconnects

Capture the experience of a prospect along the purchase journey. Eliminate disconnects between teams to optimise conversions and maximise customer delight.


Easy Personalization

favorite features

Put favorites on top

Prioritize frequently used modules and apps to top of the menu for easy access. Change logos, add profile pictures, add fields to make the CRM truly personal. 

Turn off the lights

Browse with the new dark mode to better highlight colors and reduce eye strain. The dark mode also makes it easier for you to work in a low-light environment

kanban view

Zen Kanban

Personalize Kanban Views in  Deals and Tasks with View by & Sort by features. And hide empty columns for better clarity.

Great relationships start here


Blazing fast UI

one view

One View


Calculus AI