Caravan Oil + Vtiger CRM


Industrial Consumables (Distributor)


Bengaluru, India

About the Company

Caravan Oil Suppliers is a 40-year-old company based in Bengaluru, India. They are authorized distributors for many industrial consumables such as Shell Industrial Lubricants, DowSil Silicone Sealants, 3M Tapes, Adhesives & Abrasives, Quaker Houghton MetalWorking Fluids, etc. They are regular vendors to over more than 2000+ large & medium scale manufacturing units in the region.

The Challenge

There was no central repository of customer information and no system to record customer interactions. Making informed decisions for business improvements by using information from the CRM was difficult.

Internal meetings were of long duration where notes were recorded physically. There were also many Excel sheets to be maintained.

The Solution

Vtiger CRM implemented the Sales module for the Sales department that helps in displaying the dashboard, managing the sales pipeline, and generating related reports.

It also helps in optimizing assignments and monitoring the sales team.


With Vtiger CRM, Caravan was able to provide better service (during sales) to customers and thereby making them permanent Caravan customers. It also helped in the expansion of their business. It also reduced time on key processes like internal meetings and ensured that sales teams could spend longer time on the field.

Vtiger CRM also helped Caravan improve their relationships with customers and increase sales by 15%.