EnviroConcepts + Vtiger






  • Faster lead to quote process
  • Complete transparency into business process
  • Better reporting capability

Founded in 2006, in the midst of one of Australia’s worst droughts, EnviroConcepts was conceptualized to provide water recycling systems and portable wash bay solutions. With a focus on sustainable use of water, improved environmental protection, and cost savings to clients, the company has established itself as a leader in the industry. Within a few years of its inception, EnviroConcepts has grown to design and manufacture equipment for some of Australia’s largest organisations and government bodies.

The challenge

EnviroConcepts team was dealing with siloed data systems. The company's customer data was spread across several Excel sheets on multiple computers and several other cloud applications such as Outlook and MailChimp. The company had reached a point where the need for a CRM exceeded the value of investigating and securing a solution. EnviroConcepts needed an efficient CRM to build better relationships with potential buyers and remain in front of the mind as the buyer moves through their own purchasing cycle. Also, the team needed a system to centralize business data to analyse and predict trends in purchasing and production.


EnviroConcepts' team evaluated 24 CRM vendors before choosing Vtiger CRM. Gregg Thatcher, Marketing and Sales Manager at EnviroConcepts, explains “At first, we shortlisted a few CRMs that met our initial criteria. We needed a CRM to help us centralize all our customer communication and accelerate the sales process.” The shortlisted CRMs were further evaluated to gauge the fit.

Evaluation Process

The CRM evaluation team came up with a detailed requirement checklist in which each item was assigned some points against which the performance of CRMs was evaluated. Twenty four CRMs were evaluated for their ability to:

  • Capture enquiries as contacts through web forms
  • Track follow-ups with all enquiries made through phone calls and emails
  • Produce estimates and attach them to related contacts
  • Send email campaigns to database lists or groups
  • Nurture leads throughout the sales process
  • Track projects against deals that have been completed
  • Provide full visibility to the entire team for metrics such as the current status of leads, opportunities, and deals.
  • Automate marketing process
  • Provide templates for Projects for quick setup
  • Create custom fields and custom features to match workflow
  • Integrate with email system
  • Integrate with social network sites

The team signed up for free trials and attended demos to understand how well each of the CRMs met the requirements. Each CRM was evaluated against 125 points, and Vtiger stood out as the top performer by accumulating 112 points (90%).

Following the initial evaluation, five CRMs were shortlisted for further scrutiny to ensure that system handled real uses and workflows. During this evaluation, the team was impressed by seeing Vtiger’s capabilities to:

  • Send and track marketing campaigns from within the system
  • Customize all fields and workflows
  • Generate report on sales pipeline
  • Automate email follow-ups
  • Create quotes and invoices
  • Manage product inventory

After the rigorous evaluation, the team found that Vtiger was the most accommodating CRM. Vtiger CRM provided EnviroConcepts with rich functionalities at an affordable price.

“With Vtiger in place we no longer operate in silos,” says Gregg. Before switching to Vtiger CRM, the team used Outlook to manage all business communication, Mailchimp to send email campaigns, and a couple of other tools to get things done. He continues, “Our customer interactions no longer get buried in private inboxes. Vtiger gives our team the transparency into every customer touchpoint, entire customer information and the sales process. This way, anyone in the team is able to attend to a customer while being contextually aware of the conversation.”

EnviroConcepts uses Vtiger to centralize not only its customer data but also product information. “All our product information and pricing is managed in Vtiger” Gregg says. “This has drastically accelerated our quote creation process. Our sales team can now create and send quotes to prospects with a couple of hours of the sales inquiry. This gives us a competitive edge.”

Further, the team uses Vtiger reports to keep the managers updated on growth. Gregg shares, “We regularly generate reports on sales revenue, pipeline status, sales team activities, and more to get deeper insights and spot patterns in our business process. This was not possible before we started using the CRM.”