MowGreen + Vtiger CRM


Environmental Services


Fairfield, CT


  • Consolidated and automated business process

The Company

MowGreen® is a carbon neutral lawn and yard care company in Fairfield, CT, USA that provides lawnmowing, trimming and hedging to residential and commercial properties. It was started by Dan Delventhal, an information technology executive, as a hobby in 2007 to eliminate the noise and pollution associated with gasoline powered machinery and instead uses manual labor and solar charged battery operated gear in its operations.


In 2007, MowGreen started off with just a handful of customers, and in its first few years was able to operate using free Google applications to manage email, contact information, calendars, billing and balances.

A growing environmental awareness and an appreciation for a lower carbon footprint throughout the US in the following years, however, resulted in a boom in the carbon neutral lawn and garden care industry, and as the company grew, MowGreen sought better ways to market to customers, bill for services, and organize invoices and other accounting tasks. MowGreen initially adopted and implemented GNUcash for the books and Constant Contact for email marketing a few years later.

“After I [implemented Vtiger], MowGreen’s revenue and profit grew by 20% in the first year of use. We now have a better handle on the business and are poised for easier continued growth through further exploitation of the rich feature set. I can always trust that when we need it there’s great support on hand.”

With a growing customer base, MowGreen was challenged to improve customer relationship management, inventory and services billing and tracking, and email marketing. According to MowGreen, GNUcash didn’t handle inventory and services very well and wasn’t available over the web for team collaboration. As campaign numbers grew, Constant Contact became too expensive for the business.

In 2015 Delventhal expected MowGreen to grow another 20%, and to effectively manage it, started the search for a new CRM system to manage his entire operation. MowGreen now needed something more comprehensive than the CRM solutions Delventhal had worked with during his Technology Career, which included Tigerpaw Pursuit, Telemagic, Goldmine, ACT,, vTiger, Sage CRM and ConnectWise.

The Solution: Vtiger CRM On Demand

Delventhal discovered Vtiger CRM On Demand in March of 2015, and was able to complete implementing it throughout his business that month itself, just in time for the April commencement of the lawncare season in Connecticut. Data was transferred in from Gmail Contacts and Constant Contact. Inventory and services were setup, and quotes, sales orders and invoices were utilized immediately. The Vtiger email marketing features included with every subscription were a suitable replacement for Constant Contact. Delventhal claims that the Vtiger support team was very helpful throughout the entire process, including some great personal attention late in the season to automate and simplify subscription invoicing, payments processing and accounts receivable collection.


  • 20% growth in sales
  • Consolidated and automated business processes
  • Greater visibility into, and management of deals and problems across the business