Polo Tecnologico + Vtiger CRM




Pordenone, Friuli-Venezia Giulia


  • One view of customers
  • Streamlined project management

About Polo Tecnologico, Andrea Galvani

The Technology Center of Pordenone “Andrea Galvani” is business accelerator and incubator that helps young businesses gain technology knowledge, obtain economic resources, and solve entrepreneurial challenges based on innovation.

The Challenge

The company needed an efficient system to manage contacts, email campaigns and projects.


“Vtiger is the only CRM that gives us the unique combination of functionalities we want at an affordable price'' says Marco Olivotto, senior innovation manager at the company. “We were able to start using the CRM right from the first day without having to spend time on customization.”

Vtiger is the hub for the business data

“Vtiger CRM serves as a hub for organizing and making sense of valuable business data and insights needed to manage information about our customers” Marco explains. “We use Vtiger to centralize customer information, schedule appointments, manage projects and related tasks, send email campaigns and refer to historical data of an opportunity. And because we have all customer and project related data in one place, we are able to see the entire story of customer relationship development.”

Email campaigns help bring customers closer

For Pordenone technological center, emails are very important to keep their prospects and customers informed of upcoming events and conferences. Marco continues, “We get most of our prospects from conferences and word-of-mouth references. So, we use email campaigns to keep our prospects and customers updated about our events and conferences.” The team uses autoresponders and scheduled emails to send registration confirmation email and event reminders. “This helps us be on our prospects and customers’ radar always.”

Having project management capabilities within CRM makes work easy

“Project management is a must have feature in CRM for us,” says Marco. “Since we provide consultancy services, we have to create projects for every opportunity. And having this capability within Vtiger makes work easy and seamless for us.” The Kanban view of project tasks to gives a complete picture of projects along with the status, helping establish clarity and transparency within the team.