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RTR Association is among the fastest growing business consultancy firms in Australia. Considering every client as its own, RTR Association partners with companies across numerous industries to solve critical problems and drive business success. RTR Association specializes in providing solutions in sales automation, team management, and regulatory compliance.

The Challenge

RTR Association’s employees deal with a ton of data in silos across computer files and paper documents. “Organizing data on paper and files was very inefficient”, says Kirsty Englander, the founder of RTR Association. She continues, “I always knew that the data my company deals with would keep growing… [and that] means my team is wasting time searching through misfiled, untracked or lost information.” Kirsty wanted a CRM system that could centralize her business data, automate sales tasks, and help her team build a good relationship with clients.

The Solution: Vtiger One Edition

Kirsty has over eight years of experience in helping businesses implement CRM systems. “I’m fully trained in implementing Salesforce and few other CRM system. But none of those CRM systems impress me as much as Vtiger does. Kirsty continues to say, “I can easily customize Vtiger to the evolving requirements of my growing company. Vtiger gives me more functionality than Salesforce does and at a much lower price. And the support I get from Vtiger’s client support team is second to none.”

Vtiger helps generate more leads in less time:

RTR Association’s sales reps generated leads mostly through cold calling. This process, however, consumed a lot of time and had a low conversion rate. Now, with Vtiger the sales team sends targeted emails that derive better conversions. “A single email campaign can produce 2 or 3 clients. That would have otherwise taken 100 phone calls. That gets us more leads in less time and with less effort - making my lead generation process more efficient than ever before. My sales team members,can then spend the saved time on solving client problems and building stronger rapport”, says Kirsty.

Vtiger helps RTR Association develop a stronger relationship with each client:

Vtiger helps Kirsty and her team keep all client communication well organized. “Vtiger has brought my clients closer to my business”, Kirsty says. “We use Vtiger’s email campaigns and automated email notifications to keep clients informed about all important developments. And autoresponder messages have helped us reach out to our clients at the right time effortlessly. This means I can easily connect with my clients from anywhere in the world. And because all communications that happen through Vtiger are completely transparent, we can pick up a conversation from exactly where it had ended.”

With effective implementation of Vtiger CRM, Kirsty Englander is able to generate more leads, develop a good relationship with clients, improve team productivity and accelerate her business growth.

Vtiger helps organize and prioritize tasks to improve productivity:

Kirsty and her team use Vtiger’s Projects module extensively to manage everyday tasks. “Every day, I work on various projects related to different organizations. Without Vtiger’s Project feature, managing my daily tasks would have been a nightmare”, says Kirsty. “I prioritize my project tasks and set deadlines for completion. And every week, I generate reports to monitor the progress. As the deadlines approach, Vtiger sends me smart reminders - helping me stay on top of important tasks. And the timer on every project task tells me how much time was spent to get a job done. I use this information to analyse the work process to tweak my team’s productivity.”

With effective implementation of the Vtiger CRM, RTR Association is able to generate more leads, develop a good relationship with clients, improve team productivity and accelerate her business growth.