Use GPT to improve Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

Give your customer facing teams the power of Generative AI to improve conversations and save time.

GPT tailored with your business info

To get your business specific answers for the queries, Calculus AI supports Fine-tuning. The process is easy. The FAQs that you add in the CRM are used for training. No additional work is needed.

Increase Deal Win Rate

Generate emails, proposals, or responses to lead/prospect inquiries. Ensures you spend less time writing and more time focusing on what matters - sealing the deal.

Respond to customer queries with beautiful answers

Click the icon to get the answer or type your answer and click a button to make it a bit more elegant.

Give marketers the genie they needed

What took days can be now done in hours if not minutes. Use Calculus AI to generate content for anything - blog, landing page, email campaign. A/B testing can now expand to A/B/C/D/E testing.

Reasons to use Calculus with GPT

Increase Revenue: Generative AI will drive better conversations that will increase Customer Satisfaction and Deal Win Rate.

Efficiency: Increase the speed of your sales and customer service teams. Use Calculus AI to generate text, rephrase text, summarize text.

Actionable Insights: Calculus AI comes with NLQ support to understand your queries in English (other languages support coming soon) and respond with the data you wish to see.

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