How to activate Add-Ons and Booster Packs

Build and configure Vtiger CRM to meet the unique needs of your business with plug and play add-ons and booster packs.

What are Vtiger CRM Add-ons?

Vtiger add-ons are extensions that seamlessly integrate into your CRM, opening a world of possibilities. From automating tasks to adding specialized features, the potential is boundless. Say yes to enhanced productivity, better customer insights, and a CRM that works as hard as you do.

See how to install & activate Add-ons

Add-ons FAQs

An add-on, an extension or plugin, is software that adds specific features or functionalities to an existing application. These additional features enhance the capabilities of the original application without altering its core structure.

Add-ons are available in the Extension Store. You can go to the Extension Store by clicking "Add-ons" from the Main menu on the bottom left corner of the screen (Main menu > Add-ons).

You must have Admin access to browse the Extension Store and buy or install the add-ons.

We offer both Free and Paid Add-ons.

You can try the paid add-ons Free from 7 to 30 days, depending on the add-on. This Free Trial does not apply to Booster Packs.

Select the paid add-on that you want and proceed to Buy. Your account will be billed automatically for the add-on. If you do not have a subscribed account with Vtiger, you will be directed to the Billing > Subscription Details page to activate your subscription. You need to enter Payment details (debit or credit card) to activate your subscription. 

Paid add-ons are billed monthly per user.

Free add-ons can be installed directly with a few clicks by clicking the Install. For paid add-ons, proceed to Install them after the payment process, as explained in the above FAQ.

After you install an add-on, where it appears in the CRM depends on its type. For example, if you install the Vtiger Inventory, inventory modules in the add-on appear under Main Menu > Inventory in the CRM.

Also, you can search for the installed add-on or feature from the Search Bar in the Main Menu.

Go to the Extension Store (Main menu > Add-ons). Click the add-on you want to uninstall and open the add-on page. Click the Uninstall button.  

What are Booster Packs in Vtiger CRM?

Booster Packs are another set of add-ons made available in the CRM that help you upgrade your feature limits. You can use the upper limits for various features in your CRM editions by buying or installing them directly.

See how to install & activate Booster Packs

Booster Packs FAQs

Currently, the booster packs are available for all the editions of Vtiger, i.e., Vtiger Pilot, Vtiger Growth, Vtiger One Professional, and Vtiger One Enterprise.

Booster Pack features are available as add-ons inside the CRM in Menu. You can also access them from the in CRM Settings under Extensions. Simply install, add the quantity you need, and pay. The limits are automatically increased in the CRM.

Billing will start on the day the pack is installed.

At the moment, we are offering Booster extensions only as monthly packs.