Telegram integration with Vtiger CRM

Streamline live chats and unify customer conversations

Integrating Telegram with Vtiger CRM streamlines live chats, unifies customer conversations, and empowers users to manage Telegram conversations effectively within the CRM.


  • Send and Receive Telegram Messages directly from the CRM with attachments.
  • Send messages from Live Chats, Contacts and Deals modules in Vtiger.
  • Monitor all the incoming messages in the Live Chats module, which is the only page for Chat agents.
  • View the messages sent and received in the Telegram module as CRM records.
  • Gain insights with Chat Transcripts and Chat Ratings.
  • Auto-create Contacts from new Chats or link the Chat to the existing Contact.


  • 90% open rate - 4x times higher than email.
  • 40% click-through rate - 10x higher than email.
  • Messages don't end up in Spam folders like emails.
  • Lower costs compared to WhatsApp.
  • Easy to use with a single console.
  • Faster ROI, no agent training needed for multiple platforms.

Available in these editions:

One Pilot One Growth One Professional One Enterprise

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