Webex + Vtiger CRM

Enhance your customer interactions and internal collaborations with the Webex integration.


Connect your teams with Cisco Webex. Use Webex for calls, meetings, events, etc., anywhere, everywhere. Integrate Webex with Vtiger CRM and arm yourself with a powerful tool to boost customer conversations.

Key Features

  • Ask Vtiger Bot and you shall receive!
  • - About your agenda for the day.
  • - About Contact, Deal, Case, or Task information.
  • View and share information in Webex team spaces.
  • Create and insert meeting links in emails, chat replies, and meeting invites.
  • Use Calculus AI to analyze recordings for sentiment, actions, and coaching.

Benefits of Webex integration

  • Reduce the time spent on searching for information on different CRM screens. Leverage Vtiger Bot to look up information on contacts, tasks, deals, and cases.
  • Speed up the decision making process - with information readily available, you can take quick informed decisions.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with teams across the organization. View and share information.
  • Impress your customers. Recall details and up your conversions.
  • Build better teams - use Calculus AI to analyze recordings. Train your teams to create delightful customer experiences.

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