Zoho Sign integration with Vtiger CRM

Digitally sign documents with Zoho Sign within Vtiger CRM

A cloud-based digital signature integration for businesses. Safely send, and track paperwork such as quotes, invoices, contracts, and more for signatures and approvals directly from the CRM.

Access Zoho Sign integration with the CRM from Contacts, Deals, Invoices, Quotes, Products, Services modules.

Key Features

  • Brand your documents by adding logo, images, copyrights, and email addresses to the document.
  • Create personalized templates and reuse them to save time and effort.
  • Add multiple signature slots to a document and send it to different recipients simultaneously.
  • Configure workflows to schedule documents to send for a fixed date. Define the order and conditions for approvals.
  • Track your documents at every step and monitor the approval process.
  • Send and store a backup copy of the documents via email.


  • User-friendly and flexible Ul to collect e-signatures effortlessly.
  • Embody the best working template across the company for consistency.
  • Own the freedom to choose how the recipients receive and sign the documents.
  • Store documents in the cloud, eliminating the threat of data loss.
  • Zero down the risk of a data breach with ESIGN and eIDAS laws compliance.
  • Leverage paperless processes to benefit your remote work.

Available in these editions:

one professional one enterprise

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