Work more easily with a fast and intuitive UI

Vtiger Cloud CRM V9 has a user-centric design which ensures simple and easy access to content you are looking for.


Intuitive Navigation

user experience

Enhanced User Experience

Revamped screens with clean layouts and well-spaced and placed features. V9 is easy on the eyes with Line Art icons and custom illustrations.

Improved discovery

Modules and apps are grouped and displayed for easy discovery. Search and section shortcuts are available in the expanded view and edit views at the record-level.

easy discovery

Increased responsiveness

With smart summary views, improved preview options and global search you will now find and consume relevant information faster


Comprehensive Actions View


All alerts in one place

Get alerted on things that needs your attention from scheduled meetings to reminders about idle contacts

Improved notifications

Stay on top of emails, documents and even comments on discussion threads with notifications in the actions view

custom alerts

Configure custom alerts

Make Vtiger work for you the way you want by configuring custom alerts for stuff you would like to be notified about. 


Fast Record Actions

save time

Save time

With Vtiger Cloud CRM V9 you can now carry out quick edits on records from within a preview.  

Minimal Data Entry

With Gmail and Outlook plug-ins and free tools like Vtiger Enrich contact data can be directly populated into records. 

less data entry

Great relationships start here


Blazing fast UI

one view

One View


Calculus AI