What is Lead Management?

lead management process

Lead management is the process of managing prospective clients to convert them into new business opportunities.

It includes activities such as:

  • Generating and capturing lead information
  • Following the actions and behavior of leads
  • Qualifying and scoring the leads efficiently
  • Engaging leads to move them down the sales funnel
  • Nurturing long-term relationships with leads for smart decisions
  • Optimizing lead campaign effectiveness through analytics

Steps in the Lead Management Process

Lead generating and capturing

Generating and capturing leads is the primary step in any Lead Management process. During the lead generation stage you,

  • Contact potential buyers through emails, phone calls, social media channels, or face-to-face interactions.
  • Catch the attention of clients and capture primary data about them to prioritize interest.

Enriching lead information

You can generate intelligence about your lead by:

  • Adding information available in the public domain such as company name, job position, and social media profile to a lead’s profile.
  • Tracking a lead's activities on your website to check their purchase history and pages visited to understand buyer intention.

Scoring your leads for qualification

Lead scoring helps you to:

  • Understand a lead's interest in the offering
  • Identify quality leads
  • Reduce time and energy wastage by reps

The higher the score, the more chances of a successful conversion. You can use demographic factors, website engagement, purchase history, and behavioral activity to assign scores to a lead.

Smart prioritization of leads

Lead scoring and other analytics tell you which leads need to be prioritized and which territories generate maximum sales. Your sales reps need to contact leads as soon as possible for higher conversion rates. Organizing your sales team and encouraging lead prioritization will help meet targets. Assign leads to sales representatives based on preset conditions and criteria.

Lead nurturing

You need to target leads that are not yet sales-ready with an effective nurturing campaign. Actively communicate with your leads to develop a genuine relationship. Demonstrate the value of your product or service through personalized content to push leads along the sales funnel.

Transfer leads to sales and measure performance

Once you gather lead intelligence and are confident they are qualified, pass them to the sales department. Use sales analytics to measure performance.

Benefits of Using CRM with Lead Management

Lead management in a CRM system goes beyond the basic functionality of lead management software. It is a holistic solution that manages the entire customer lifecycle.

A CRM with a lead management system:

Creates a unified information source that all teams can access.

Arms you with real-time data about potential customers.

It helps you in scoring and prioritizing quality leads.

It enables you to create appropriate campaigns.

Helps increase customer lifetime value via personalized selling.

Helps boost bottom-line results and gain a competitive edge.

Vtiger CRM for Lead Management

Vtiger contacts module empowers you to manage your lead data irrespective of the size of your business. Our range of highly functional features helps you convert maximum leads with minimal effort in the least amount of time.

From lead acquisition to conversion to sales analytics, you can manage all vital activities from a single window.

Here are some compelling reasons to invest in Vtiger CRM for seamless lead management:

Automated webforms for collecting data

Capture information about interested prospects that visit your website. Use web forms to record data about visitors and store the data directly in your CRM.

Engage with incoming prospects

Ensure two-way communication with your prospects by using our Live Chat feature. Provide support and unparalleled service to increase sales conversions.

Score and prioritize leads

Score leads based on specific criteria to understand if they are purchase-ready or still in the awareness stage. Scoring leads allows you to prioritize them based on quality and engagement to boost sales conversions.

Establish long-term relationships

Nurture long term engagement with leads through multichannel communication. Connect through social media channels, phone calls, and instant messages. Conduct lead generation online webinars and sync all data in your CRM directly.

Predefined workflows for assignment

Use specific preset rules to assign leads automatically based on geography, product, or level of prospect engagement. Vtiger allows you to route leads efficiently to sales team members and optimize follow-ups for higher engagement.

Manage focused email campaigns

Use email marketing campaigns to target prospects at different sales pipeline stages. Vtiger provides multiple templates to create customized email campaigns. Utilize email analytics to track engagement.

Track key performance metrics

Vtiger’s in-built analytics help you generate real-time reports that track key performance indicators. Use bar graphs, charts, and drag-and-drop tools to visualize future trends and make quality decisions.

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