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Centralize your learning and streamline training activities with LMS integrated into a CRM

With a 360-degree customer view, understand customer training needs, provide personalized training programs, automate enrollment activities, etc., for an exceptional customer experience.

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What is LMS in CRM?

LMS (Learning management system) is an application that is used for providing e-learning courses and training programs. By integrating LMS into a CRM, you can deliver learning resources aligning with the customer's needs by looking at volumes of customer information stored in CRM.

This enables you to engage with your customers effectively and provide superior customer experience.

Why LMS integration in CRM is essential for business?

A CRM has the capability to capture and record in-depth customer information. By having LMS in CRM you can increase sales revenue, reduce customer churn and drive business growth. If you have an LMS integrated with Customer relationship management (CRM), you can

Deliver customized learning programs

The marketing team can provide personalized learning recommendations to customers. They can learn about your business by enrolling in training programs and gain extensive knowledge with less support or assistance.

Avail cross-selling and upselling opportunities

Sales reps can use e-learning programs for cross-selling or upselling opportunities. Also, a sales rep can identify learning accounts that have been inactive for a long time and make an effort to reach out to them.

Reduce repetitive customer queries

Customer support can minimize repetitive queries coming from customers when they have comprehensive knowledge about your business. In this way, you can reduce the hiring of support staff.

Implement skills to gain hands-on experience

Employees, customers, or partners can implement the skills they have learned from training programs directly in the CRM. For example, if you have courses about your product features, your users can log in to their CRM accounts and get a hands-on experience of each feature.

Automate enrollments using customer data in the CRM

You can initiate the enrollment process using the details provided in the CRM. For example, you can create an email template with a link to the learning platform with login instructions and send it to your users. This will reduce the manual effort of filling in user details and also saves time.

Allow single sign-on for login

You can permit a single sign-on to login to CRM and LMS by using one username and password. Users do not have to switch between screens to log in. By syncing CRM and LMS accounts, you can also view the learning records of users in the CRM.

Benefits of Learning management system (LMS) in CRM

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Improve learning experience by providing users with a single sign-in option. With information shared between CRM and LMS, users will get relief from keeping an additional set of login credentials. Deliver a social learning experience by allowing users to participate in online discussion forums.

Optimize sales revenue by providing personalized training recommendations based on historical data. By integrating LMS and CRM, you can simplify the payment process using integrated payment gateways.

Minimize manual data handling and automate enrollment processes.

Leverage CRM analytics to track learner performance and generate reports on the number of course registrations, quality of training, etc.

Understand the market trends from social media, sales conversations, etc., and deliver courses as per the demand.

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