What is Marketing CRM?

Marketing CRM refers to a CRM platform that supports the techniques and strategies used to increase marketing efforts.

With modern technology, you can go one step further and automate different marketing tasks using marketing CRM software.

CRM with Marketing automation is a technology that automates monotonous marketing activities without manual intervention within the CRM.

Setting up workflows helps businesses target prospects with automated messages across multiple digital platforms. Marketing teams use it to increase revenue and improve efficiency.

Difference between CRM and marketing automation

A CRM is used to store, organize and manage detailed information about leads and customers in a centralized data management system. It can track historical data, understand customer interactions with business, improve business relationships, etc.

Marketing automation software is primarily used to boost marketing activities. For example, you can test and track the performance of campaigns, monitor the click-through rate of a specific ad campaign, etc.

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Marketing automation in CRM

Integrating both technologies provide a holistic view of the customer journey, shortens the sales process, and improves ROI. Leverage customer data to design, plan, execute, and automate marketing activities.

Key Features

Capture leads from different channels like web forms, social media, etc. integrated into the CRM.

Improve sales pipeline by observing the step-by-step progression of lead.

Learn about your target audience from the wealth of information that CRM provides. Understand the demographics, and behavioral patterns of customers from the data and segment them for targeted campaigns.

Send hyper-personalized email campaigns by looking at the data like lead source, frequently purchased products, previous conversations, etc. Use A/B testing for specific target audiences.

Make informed decisions from the data generated and improve team performance.

Marketing Automation in Vtiger CRM

Vtiger Marketing Automation offers inbuilt resources to expand marketing activities

Simplify your lead generation using Vtiger Webforms, Enrich

Assign quality leads to the sales team for fast closures. Implement Vtiger Webforms to improve lead scoring and nurturing on your website.

Leverage Vtiger Enrich to transfer customer data into CRM from social media profiles.

Launch emails and SMS campaigns

Segment your clientele using marketing lists and tailor the content to send personalized emails.

Use pre-configured SMS extensions to entice customers via text messages.

Gain more traction using Email marketing and SMS campaigns.

Capture and engage visitors with landing pages

With a simple drag-and-drop action, you can easily create, edit, and publish specific responsive web pages with CTAs using Landing pages.

Send custom survey campaigns

Create and distribute surveys to your customers and keep track of how they perform.

Monitor customer engagement with your social media profiles directly from CRM

Interact with your customers on social media channels such as Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from the CRM using Vtiger Social.

Analyze and track your campaigns

Use data from previous campaigns to boost response rates. Plan and perform ahead of time to keep your team organized.

Automate sending emails with Vtiger Email Sequences

Send a predefined set of emails to improve engagement and cut down manual efforts with Vtiger Email Sequences. Minimize the effort of sending emails manually and monitor customer engagement levels frequently.

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