Mobile CRM: Drive Your Team's Productivity and Responsiveness

By definition, mobile CRM is a functional version of your customer relationship management software to track real-time customer information from your mobile device.

It gives complete mobility and enhancing transparency to your teams by enabling them to communicate, access documents, and close deals even while on the move!

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Why your business needs a Mobile CRM strategy?

By leveraging a well-planned mobile CRM strategy, businesses will capitalize on resources and effectively manage rapidly growing sales teams. Mobile CRM solutions empower sales representatives with the information they need to spend more time building relationships and closing deals.

Here are some compelling reasons to create a structured Mobile CRM Strategy for your business:

Stay connected, anytime, anywhere: Collaborate on the move. With mobile CRM, managers can monitor the sales representatives' latest developments and communicate seamlessly with team members.

Stay on top of your appointments: Get a clear and customizable view of all your schedule on one screen. Prioritize tasks and collaborate with team members to manage deadline-driven works smartly.

Save time and work smarter: Sync information about emails, meetings, calls, and contacts right from your inbox to add speed, intelligence, and a personal touch to each customer interaction.

Quick access to real-time information: Check out dashboards and reports to make data-driven decisions instantly. Add and update customer information anytime, anywhere, even if you are offline.

View customer data in one place: Get relevant customer data, deal information, and conversation history at one unified place to gain valuable sales insights and business intelligence.

Mobile CRM: The next generation of CRM

CRM (Customer relationship management) is no longer only about building customer relationships and generating leads; it's more about mobility. In the foreseeable future, organizations will shift to mobile CRM applications that enable sales representatives to stay connected and collaborate with customers, even on the road.

Modern CRM platforms leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to arm sales representatives with high-precision customer data. With cloud storage, agents get access to live, real-time information at any geographical location. Sales team members and on-field representatives can synchronize data on the move, generate reports, and analyze data to sell smarter and faster.

There has been a rapid increase in the adoption of tablets and smartphones in the last decade. The benefits accrued by Mobile CRM applications are undisputed. Here are some eye-opening examples:

  • 81% of users are accessing their CRM system from multiple devices
  • 65% of sales representatives using mobile CRM solutions achieved their quotas
  • 50% of sales teams have improved productivity by adopting a mobile CRM application

Key features of a Mobile CRM App

Schedule Your Day

Get the most out of your day by scheduling client meetings and follow-ups efficiently. Sales representatives can plan the day as mobile CRM apps have calendar integration, resulting in better time management.


Real-time mobile location tracking gives the exact location of your sales field agents throughout the day. Managers can view the transit paths of team members and get a clear picture of on-field sales activities.

Get Notifications

Receive instant push notifications for tasks, contacts, and emails on your mobile devices. No need to sit at your office desk or remain logged to the CRM - you get important alerts on the move.

Access Records Offline

Gain offline access to vital customer data to personalize selling efforts and locate quality leads while on the field. Spend less time digging through outdated spreadsheets and access a centralized data repository for better productivity.

Prioritize Prospects

Locate prospects near your location and view their position on the map to save time and maximize sales. Check the shortest route to reach clients for better navigation and get all the necessary information before contacting them.

Track Quality Leads

Sync information directly on your smartphone to identify critical leads and add personalization to every customer interaction. Prioritize contacts based on a profile score to focus on quality leads and close deals effectively.

Why Choose Vtiger Mobile CRM?

Live Lead Records: Close more deals by accessing live lead records, even in offline mode. Get information about sales visits, lead scores, and communication history to sell effortlessly and increase closures.

Access to Navigable Dashboards: Synchronize and share information on navigable dashboards that display key performance indicators. Access charts, tables, and funnel analytics to make qualitative decisions on the road.

Greater Team Collaboration: Bring together your sales team by collaborating on daily tasks, appointments, and lead management.

Improved Sales Force Productivity: Collect, organize, and share customer information through a unified mobile application for better productivity.

Dynamic Dependency: Keep all record views organized by displaying custom fields when specific predetermined criteria are met - better data management for quicker access.

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