VAssure for Enterprise

VAssure is the perfect solution for enterprise users who need the freedom, flexibility and quality of open source and the assurance of support, warranties and security.

What is VAssure?

Enterprises using Vtiger Open Source for business-critical functions may need prompt support. Additionally, they need assurance that the software is stable, secure, and has a warranty.

VAssure package includes the following:

  • Vtiger Care 
  • Stable Code Base
  • Security Fixes
  • Indemnifications
  • Warranties
  • Patent Protections

Vtiger Care

With VAssure, you get support hours (depending on your subscription requirement). The dedicated team is reachable via email/chat/phone. These hours can be used for troubleshooting, technical support or fixing implementation issues. Consulting and Custom Development are not included. 

Stable Code Base

The code base that is made available to VAssure customers is thoroughly tested and validated by the Vtiger Core Team. This gives administrators and developers the ‘peace of mind’ that they are not dealing with experimental or untested code.

Security Fixes

A big challenge for those running business processes on Open Source software is keeping up with the latest security patches and fixes. VAssure customers receive the latest patches and fixes, which are further tested and validated by the Vtiger team on the code base. The code base goes through the same rigorous vulnerability and penetration testing that our cloud edition software is subjected to.


VAssure indemnifies customers against infringements by replacing or modifying any portion of the open source code that infringes on the rights of other developers/companies. This ensures that VAssure customers can continue using the software without interruptions.


VAssure code base comes with the complete warranty that the software is free from significant defects. We will fix any bugs or defects that are found in the code base.

Patent Protection

Vtiger is a member of Open Invention Network (OIN) - the largest patent non-aggression, cross-license in the Linux System and also Unified Patents, a 350+ member organization that seeks to improve patent quality and deter unsubstantiated or invalid patent assertions in defined technology sectors. VAssure members thus have the assurance that patents in the Vtiger Open Source Code Base are not infringed on and are protected.

Get in touch

Reach us at [email protected] for assistance on VAssure. We will contact you as quickly as possible.