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What is a single customer view?

A single customer view is also referred to as a 360-degree view of a customer or a unified customer view. A 360-degree customer view is a comprehensive, dependable, and integrated customer profile created from real-time data captured from multiple sources.

A 360-degree view is a ‘single source of truth’ of past behaviors and touchpoints of customers. Unified customer view improves decision-making capabilities and enhances project management of all departments.

What are the types of user data included in an ideal unified customer view?


Contact information

Sales activities and transactions history

Customer issues and needs

Marketing, sales, and support interactions

List of products and services used

Sentiments and motivation points

User preferences

Sales offers and cross-selling opportunities

Business relationships

Social relationships

Website and mobile apps analytics

Data is collected from online and offline sources and different applications in many cases. Data collection needs to meet GDPR and other compliances. With the correct data on your hands, you can learn about the situations causing drop-offs and make decisions to help your business thrive.

How can you benefit from a single customer view?

With a unified view of customer data, you can deliver a seamless customer experience in every step of the customer journey. It is a true win-win and benefits both the organization and the customer.

Enriched omnichannel marketing with meaningful integrated marketing communications.

Personalized customer journey with micro-segmentation and insights.

Instant access to consistent real-time data across departments.

Up-selling and cross-selling opportunities using hands-on data of buying behavior.

Loyalty and reduced churn risk.

Increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Enhanced customer service based on user needs.

Bespoke information on what customers want to see.

Personalized offers for every eligible customer.

Why is a 360-degree customer view required?

Capturing a unified customer view when data is scattered can be a complex process. The process requires a solid plan and various department efforts.

Cross-department data quality

Creating a 360-degree view involves collecting and merging scattered information across departments and apps. Unburdening these silos of data from departments such as sales, marketing, and support departments can be complicating and time-consuming.

Duplicated or decayed data

While capturing disparate data across the company, you might encounter duplicate data across multiple departments. Isolating disconnects and updating expired data can only be done with great effort.

Capturing big data

Collecting data from multiple applications and website is impossible sometimes. Every application has its way of storing and representing data. Although capturing data can be done with certain efforts, exhibiting the extensive data obtained eloquently is challenging.

Mapping customer journey

Understanding past and present data to predict future behavior can be challenging. Identifying customer touchpoints across all channels tracking pain points requires specific customer journey analytics.

Single customer view as a business strategy

Leveraging unified customer data ensures consistent, fruitful, and meaningful interactions with your customers. Nurturing customer relationships and building your business becomes easy with correct and relevant data.

Single customer view in marketing for high-quality conversions

With an excellent 360-degree customer view, you will be able to micro-segment customers. Using a unified customer view in marketing campaigns will help a marketer build targeted campaigns. A marketer can send personalized offers, reminders, notifications, etc.

Single customer view in sales for eventful conversations

Sales are the first touch-point of a customer to the company. Enabling a unified view of a customer from the beginning of his journey will help a salesperson deliver bespoke experiences. Furthermore, he can close deals faster with hands-on data in one place. Creating a targeted sales strategy using a 360-degree view will support cross-sales, up-sales, and add-on sales. Nurture your relationship with customers and optimize the sales pipeline.

Single customer view in customer Service for amplified customer satisfaction

With an excellent unified customer view, you will be able to personalize customer onboarding and his journey to be a loyal customer. Having insights on the history of customer issues and interactions will help a support agent resolve issues and deliver a seamless customer experience.

Why is Vtiger’s One View one of the best performing single customer view?

Vtiger is an all-in-one CRM with a customer-centric approach. Vtiger One View captures data from multiple modules and apps for a 360-degree understanding of a customer.

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