What is a Unified CRM?

A unified CRM is often called the complete CRM, all-in-one  CRM, or an integrated CRM. It takes the concept of a basic CRM a step further by incorporating everything you will need to manage your contacts, remain in touch with them, and progress their connection through the sales cycle. 

It's an intelligent method to manage and update your sales contacts, automate sales operations, analyze data, assist with marketing efforts, and link with various other tools you use daily.

Why do we need All-in-One CRM?

When you use an all-in-one CRM  to organize and manage your data, you have a better knowledge of your customers, leading to consistent relationships. Numerous tasks can be digitized and automated, allowing you to focus on your marketing efforts better, shorten sales cycles, and provide faster customer care. Lastly, data barriers are eliminated with a fully integrated CRM, making inter-team cooperation simple so you can present a united face to customers.

Benefits of Complete CRM

A complete CRM helps you optimize your processes from lead to invoice generation. It is cost-effective and allows you to manage all of your business processes from one location. Unified CRMs help you streamline and simplify various complex customer interaction tasks, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Manage and track teams and processes: A complete CRM enables you to manage all of your teams and procedures from one place. It allows you to keep track of daily sales activities to achieve your sales targets. You can monitor customer support activities for better service. Unified CRMs aid businesses in bettering their client relationships. 

Manage and use data from a single platform: It helps you manage and share data from a single platform. Excellent team communication is vital for eliminating redundancy. With an all-in-one CRM, team collaboration is enhanced, allowing you to understand your clientele better.

Optimize your sales process: A unified CRM helps you manage and track your sales teams and related activities, thus optimizing your sales process. It also enables you to assign the proper lead to the appropriate salesperson right away.

Create targeted marketing campaigns and generate quality leads: A complete CRM helps you with lead generation and qualification. It helps with targeted marketing campaigns and promotions and creates enriching experiences.  

Generate reports and metrics: All-in-one CRMs are useful in generating detailed reports. From sales to marketing campaigns to company analytics, CRM helps businesses simplify their operations. You can also track reports to better understand your company’s strengths and weaknesses. Complete CRMs allow businesses to organize their activities into more concise, understandable data.

Vtiger One: A perfect unified CRM

It is everything your team needs to achieve their targets and goals. Vtiger CRM helps in various functions like managing your contacts, sales funnel, and customer support activities. Vtiger One View gives you all the data associated with different teams in your organization on a single platform. Vtiger makes internal collaboration easy and fast. Your teams can make informed decisions to close deals faster or resolve customer issues to their satisfaction.

It also provides you with various tools to handle documents, manage email marketing,  support internal communication, manage projects, and much more.

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