Simple Hardware + Vtiger CRM


Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing


Prague 4, Czech


  • Streamlined sales process
  • Improved team collaboration
  • Improved customer experience

About Simple Hardware

Simple Hardware is a Czech IoT startup company, delivering cool, cheap and reliable IoT devices with extra long battery life worldwide. These devices can be used and quickly integrated in the insurance, safety, industry 4.0, Smart City, e-agro, logistics, and utility sectors. Currently, Simple Hardware devices are successfully deployed in 20 countries worldwide.


Every day, thousands of customers visit the company website and reach out to the sales team. Without a CRM software, capturing leads and organizing these conversations was a very inefficient process. Sales conversations would get buried in email threads, private chats and phone calls. This meant, when customers followed up, sales reps didn’t have context about the previous conversation and the customers had to repeat themselves - leading to poor customer experience.

“With Vtiger in place, we can rest assured that no lead falls through the cracks. Vtiger helps us track the entire customer journey - from the first contact to the deal closure - and streamline the entire sales process.”

Solution: Vtiger CRM

Pavel Sodomka, the founder of Simple Hardware, recounts his quest for CRM - “I started looking for a CRM almost 10 years ago for my early ventures. I evaluated 20 CRM softwares in the market including Salesforce CRM. But none of these met our business requirements. In few months of using Salesforce CRM, we felt that the tool is very complicated and expensive. I wanted a CRM that is as feature rich as Salesforce is, but not as complicated. That is when I found Vtiger CRM. After initial evaluation, we found it to be the perfect CRM for our business.”

Vtiger helps Simple Hardware capture leads effortlessly

Simple Hardware sources leads in 2 ways - one through contact form on the website and the other through sales inquiry emails. “With Vtiger in place, we can capture all our leads directly in the CRM”, says Pavel. He continues, “We use contact forms on website to capture leads, newsletter subscribers, and resellers. As soon as the form is submitted, a related contact record is created in Vtiger. Our sales team later qualifies the lead and adds to the sales pipeline. And when our leads send us sales inquiries, our sales reps use Gmail Add-on to create a lead record in a few clicks. Both of these processes ensure that we never miss on sales opportunities”.

Vtiger helps the team collaborate efficiently to serve customers better

For Simple Hardware’s sales team, Vtiger CRM is the hub for all deal related data. “All our sales conversations are captured in Vtiger. All our sales emails are sent through Vtiger. Our sales reps record meeting notes in the CRM after every sales conversation - be it on a phone call or an event.” Furthermore, the team uses @mention to collaborate and seek help to move the deal in the pipeline. “This way we are able to track all our customer communication is in one place - Vtiger. And this centralized repository helps our sales reps get full context before replying to any customer query.”

Today, with Vtiger CRM, Simple Hardware’s sales team is able to capture, centralize and access customer data with ease. “The benefits we realize through Vtiger CRM gives us a competitive edge over other players in the market”, Pavel concludes.