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How many tools does your Sales team need?

Recent advances in technology are enabling new ways to empower sales teams. Sales managers can use AI to analyze conversations and use data for coaching factor in contact sentiment in deal scoring, recommend actions to improve deal score (Ex: Identify technical influencer), suggest content to send, and other benefits (Try Vtiger's CalculusAI). Data sourcing tools are available to enrich contact data (Try Clearbit integration with Vtiger).

 If you look at this 2021 Sales Tech landscape image (Credit: Article on martechalliance.com), and you are just starting on the tools journey, you might look to buy more than 20 tools amongst the 45 categories. 

 But, to have meaningful conversations, as a sales person you need all relevant information in one view. Vtiger CRM provides just that. It includes functions to replace many other tools (ex: Content Engagement, Appointment scheduling, Conversations Analysis, Email Sequences, Sales Insights, Quote Discount Approvals). It connects with the channels of engagement (ex: your phone system, SMS, email, calendar), and the 2 or 3 functional tools you might be using (ex: to enrich data, or to get documents esigned, or to sync invoices). 

- Sreenivas Kanumuru, CEO, Vtiger

calculus AI

Offer of the month - Try Calculus AI for 45 days 

Calculus AI helps your sales persons close more deals by leveraging machine learning, and helps Sales managers become mentors by analyzing conversations, providing deal level warnings and more.

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Product updates

Approver Note

Approver Note

Now you can view Approver notes along with the Requester note in the Summary View of the record itself. It helps you gain a better understanding of the approval rationale.

All users' History

The newly updated History widget in the Dashboard displays the history of all the users to the Admins. Prior to this update, only the report user's history was available. 

All users' History
Email Sequence

Identify deleted contacts in Email Sequence Recipient box

Now you can easily identify the deleted recipients of an email sequence through the exclamation icon displayed beside the recipient's name. The exclamatory icon is displayed irrespective of the length of the recipient’s name. 

Record Header View

The Header View of a record automatically displays the available email address - primary or secondary. You need to enable the header/key field for the secondary email in the layout editor for this to work.

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Record Header View
email marketing with Vtiger’s email templates

Boost the efficacy of your email marketing with Vtiger’s email templates!

Our blog discusses how you can boost your email marketing campaigns by using 40+ of our preloaded customizable email templates. You can also learn about the sought-after secrets of using templates to achieve success in email marketing.

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women evolved

It is 2021 but has the life of women evolved for the better?

In this blog, we explore how the life of women has evolved for the better in various areas. Written as a part of our Women's Day blog series, this blog post celebrates women and their contribution to the development of humanity.

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