Schedule Appointments Faster

Whether it's a 1-on-1 with you, or just the first available time slot with someone on your team, your contacts can choose a convenient time from your calendar availability, and Vtiger will ask for information about the appointment, create a calendar event, send pre-event reminders, and log everything in the contact's Vtiger record.

Book appointments in a single step

Booking appointments with a specific sales rep, or just any available member of your team, just got a lot easier. Just share your appointment page URL to let anyone choose an open time on your personal, or team’s calendar. Vtiger automatically creates the appointment, notifies, and reminds attendees.

Have more productive conversations with pre-scheduling questionnaires

Whether it’s a meeting to answer a few questions, explore client needs, or see a product demo, know what you need to prepare for with a pre-meeting questionnaire that’s asked alongside the appointment request.

Reduce no-shows with pre-meeting email reminders

Vtiger sends pre-meeting reminder emails to all scheduled attendees so that you never dial into, or walk into an empty meeting.

Save time with automatic data capturing into Vtiger

Vtiger automatically creates a contact record if one doesn’t exist, then adds the new event to that contact record contact record’s history.

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