Deeply integrated calendar events

See existing calendar events and tasks synchronized across any system you use, from Google Calendar to Outlook. Automate the creation of new tasks, like reminders to follow up on calls after they happen, and reach related CRM records in just clicks.

Create record-linked tasks and events

Whether working with leads, contacts, or opportunities, create tasks and calendar events that automatically link to the related record so that information is on-hand when it’s time to work on it again.

Pop-up notifications on screen and mobile

When it’s time to take action, see an in-browser or mobile notification, as well as a reminder in Vtiger’s activity center. If now’s not the best time, snooze or reschedule the event.

Automatically create follow-up tasks

Use workflows to automatically create tasks and events, like a reminder to follow-up if an opportunity becomes more than 3 days old, or a phone call if an opportunity reaches a certain sales stage.

Integrate with Google, Outlook, and other calendars

Synchronize events with Google Calendar, Outlook 365, and other calendar apps

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