Help Desk Analytics & Insights

Real-time widgets provide a detailed look into the health of your support organization. See performance trends and deviations in beautiful charts, then drill down into the cases that drive them.

Realitime insights give you a current reality check! Support managers can -

  • Take proactive steps to minimize violations and escalations
  • Attend to issues that did not go as planned
  • Ensure important issues pertaining to VIP customers don’t slip
Outstanding Violations
Backlog Volume
Backlog Age
SLAs Due
Agent Backlog

Determine bottlenecks / drivers across your support process

A number of bottlenecks can cause slowdowns. Case assignment may take too long, agents may delay accepting cases, wait states can be extended. Visualize your data to find and resolve these and other problems.

website service
website service

Build, schedule, and export custom reports and charts

Pull data from cases, customers, and other areas into customized tables, reports and charts. Pin these to your dashboard, schedule them for periodic dissemination across the organization via email, or download them for analysis in third party data analysis tools.

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