How to select a CRM implementation partner

While most of the CRMs, such as Vtiger CRM, are quite easy to implement for unique business needs, when you have a few complex customizations you may want to seek assistance from a local partner. Usually, CRM vendors have verified local partners who support implementations. You can visit the partner’s page to know whether there is partner support for your region. You can also look up for independent implementation partners.

Key factors you should consider when selecting a CRM partner:

  1. Product knowledge: CRM products get updated with new features frequently. So make sure that the partner is well aware of new feature releases and functionalities.
  2. Industry experience: Pick a partner who has worked with other businesses in your industry. This ensures that the partner understands your industry’s best practices to suggest relevant process improvements and additional solutions.
  3. Communication: Successful CRM implementation is almost impossible without effective communication between you and the implementation partner. Therefore, you need to pick a partner who communicates openly and frequently, and proactively advices on implementation best practices.
  4. Resources: Pick a partner well resourced at both in technology and in team to ensure that the project is delivered on time, in a budget and within the scope of requirements.
  5. Customer reference and reviews: Ask for a couple of customers that are similar to you in terms of size, location, sector, and business challenge. Looks for user reviews and ask around your network if anyone has experience of working with the software provider.

Evaluating implementation partners on these 5 key factors will help you choose the one that can make your CRM much easier and successful.

Vtiger is an an intuitive CRM that can be easily configured for any business. Every Vtiger CRM subscription includes free resources and tools that help you get set up, teach you about Vtiger CRM features, and guide you whenever you need help.

Furthermore, for more advanced configuration and customization, you can sign-up for our kickstart program. In these programs, our CRM experts conduct discovery sessions to understand business needs, then customize and implement Vtiger to address your key business challenges, answer your questions, and train a CRM champion at the organization on how to use all of Vtiger’s features.

Try Vtiger for free today to explore powerful features that help you unlock explosive growth.

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