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Tiger Tales – Meet Mithun, Our Sr. Enterprise Solutions Consultant

Welcome to the second chapter of Tiger Tales, our new blog series that highlights how our employees and clients have transitioned to working from home full time and the tools they use to collaborate with their colleagues to stay connected and get things done.

For many companies, the last six months have felt a bit like sailing through uncharted waters while getting battered by unpredictable storms. Leadership from all over the world couldn’t have imagined how quickly they would need to call decisive audibles and have entire teams transition to working remotely for indefinite lengths of time. This presented many challenges and questions for them, including, how to maintain productivity among their employees, which tools to use for collaboration and communication, and whether it’s going to be sustainable. Vtiger also faced these challenges and questions. Instead of looking elsewhere for solutions, we began the process of diving deep into our own product to ensure we will be able to maintain productivity for however long is needed. We were delighted to discover that the tools we were already using within Vtiger would provide us with a seamless transition to working from home indefinitely.

Recently I interviewed Mithun, who discussed how the transition to working from home full time has been for him. He also shared a great story of how the tools within Vtiger helped him to collaborate with his colleagues and close a Deal that was dormant when the pandemic hit. Below is Mithun’s story:

Meet Mithun


Mithun enjoying the weather and a break at Vtiger HQ

Mithun lives in and works remotely from Bengaluru, a bustling city in the state of Karnataka, which is considered to be the Silicon Valley of India (Also home of Vtiger’s HQ). Mithun is a Sr. Enterprise Solutions Consultant, who has been working for Vtiger for almost 7 years. He primarily focuses on enterprise accounts. Mithun elaborates on the detail that goes into his work saying, “The nature of working with enterprise customers at Vtiger also involves fulfilling special needs such as custom features, integrations, data migration, and legal documents. It involves collaborating with the Product Management, Engineering, Migration, and Legal teams. We leverage Vtiger’s Tasks feature extensively across teams to get the job done and advance the sales deals forward without missing any context.”

Mithun’s Experience transitioning to working full time from home

Despite missing his colleagues, the daily table tennis games, and gourmet coffee rituals they took part in, Mithun describes his transition to working from home as “very smooth.” He attributes this largely to Vtiger being on the Cloud and the entire suite of tools available. He goes on to say, “I never had any kind of friction in terms of communicating with a team member or finding important information related to a deal while working remotely, we just never had any issues. We use all of our own tools, and a lot of collaboration happens through the Vtiger Comments section on the records. We are super-users of this tool and we were able to use everything right from where we left off.” The ability to login from wherever you may be working and pick up where you left off, is one of the many benefits Vtiger On-Demand provides.

Mithun and Krishna sharpening their table tennis skills at Vtiger HQ

Mithun’s Story of closing a Deal

Mithun had been contacted by a prospect back in January, who was searching for a CRM solution that also provides a robust Webchat tool. The prospect specifically wanted the Webchat tool to:

  • Identify the contact when they entered the chat
  • Store the content of the chat on the customer’s record
  • Have all records related to that contact available to view right from the chat window

“We spent a lot of time working on this deal,” Mithun said, “and for one reason or another, the deal went dormant. Soon after the deal went dormant, there began to be lockdowns all around the world due to Covid-19, and many organizations, including the prospect’s, were realizing the increasing need for implementing a Cloud CRM solution.”

Then, in May, the prospect reached back out through our Webchat module. Mithun elaborates further, “With the help of One View, the representative who was handling the chat, was able to quickly review all of the previous conversations I had with this prospect and view the related Deal I had been working on, all while handling the Webchat.” Within seconds, the representative handling the chat was able to add a comment on the Deal record for this prospect, notifying Mithun that he had reached back out. Mithun was reconnected with the prospect in a matter of seconds, and for Mithun, it didn’t take any time to pick up exactly where they had left off. “Because Vtiger is so robust and connected so well,” Mithun said, “there was no breakage or resistance in communication. Within 10 minutes I was able to jump on a call with this prospect, re-connect, and progress the Deal forward.”

Isn’t it serendipitous that the very feature this prospect was searching for was the same tool that helped Mithun close this deal?

Below I will breakdown the tools in Vtiger that Mithun and our team used:



Vtiger’s Webchat allows your Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing teams to have conversations with your clients in real-time. Agents are able to see and respond to incoming customer inquiries and can quickly view all relevant contact information and related records, all from within the chat window. Webchat will enable your teams to escalate issues quickly by allowing agents to transfer chats to other agents and create Cases for issues that may take longer to resolve. Once a chat is completed, full transcripts of the chat are made available to review or to send as an attachment via email.

To learn more about Webchat and the installation process, please click here

One View


One View is a powerful tool that provides your users with a 360-degree view of all the information related to a CRM record. It allows you and your users to get a comprehensive view of customer-related deals, cases, campaigns, projects, and more, all on one page. One View will bridge the gap between all of the different departments within your company and will save them valuable time by allowing them to easily access the information they need.

To learn more about One View click here



A Deal represents a sales opportunity for your organization. The Deals module helps your sales team to sell intelligently while automating repetitive tasks, allowing them to spend their time focused on the right deals. Creating custom pipelines and adding Journey Tasks will help guide your sales reps towards success and enable them to crush their sales targets.

To learn more about the Deals module click here



Comments are the written communications posted on records by users in Vtiger. Comments that are added to a record can be viewed and replied to by internal users for quick collaboration and communication. Once a user is mentioned on a Comment, the user will receive notifications in the CRM and by email about the posted comment. Posted Comments can also be viewed and replied to by the customer from the customer portal if enabled.

To learn more about Comments click here

Try Vtiger Today

Although working from home has many perks, the challenges faced when trying to communicate and collaborate with your teams and colleagues are real. To learn more about how Vtiger can help you and your business overcome these challenges or to sign up for a 15-day free trial click here


Mixed Pricing Options

Vtiger offers your organization the flexibility of using mixed pricing licenses when adding users, ensuring your company is only paying for the access your users need. Choose between three different license types that vary in pricing, including:   

  • Standard User- Internal user who has access to all the modules (sales+marketing+support) included in the Vtiger edition.
  • Single-App User- Internal user who has access to one of the apps/modules (sales/marketing/support) in the Vtiger edition.
  • Light Agent- Internal user who has access to all the Essentials modules and Cases.

To learn more about our mixed pricing options, please click here.