Tiger Tales - Women's Day

Meet Shilpa T.A., the woman behind all the Vtiger videos!

Hello, people! Welcome back to Tiger Tales – the Women’s Day series! We hope you’re doing well. Today, we will introduce you to our very innovative and talented Video Marketing Specialist – Shilpa T.A.


Shilpa lives in Bangalore with her family. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 2015 from City Engineering College. After graduating, she started her web development career with BigBasket – a popular online grocery store in India. After working there for a while, she joined Vtiger in 2017.

We’ve always seen Shilpa working hard and striving to be better at her work. Let’s get to know what drives her!

“Tell us about your role at Vtiger.”

“I joined Vtiger as a Marketing Trainee. Earlier, I used to handle marketing collaterals such as illustrative images for blogs and social media posts. After a while, I started handling video marketing, and I currently own its responsibilities. The videos you see on our Youtube channel and social media profiles, I make them. I’ve delivered about 70 videos to date and worked on nearly 100. Sometimes I also handle tasks related to the website’s improvement.”

Shilpa always wanted a creative career, and she is undoubtedly excellent at what she does. But you know what they say, nothing ever comes easy. She had to face numerous challenges before she could make a mark.

The transition from web development to marketing was slightly tricky for her. She also had to work hard on learning about CRMs. “As a marketing team member, you ought to know the product well. At least to the level where you can market it. So, I learned about CRM on my own”, she says.

When she started doing marketing videos, she had a tough time exploring the tools by herself, finding the right ones, and making decisions independently. But she believes that the challenges only improved her confidence. Way to go, Shilpa!

While talking to us about her way of working, Shilpa mentioned how hard it was for her to accept feedback in the early days of her marketing career. We all have gone through this at least once, haven’t we? When someone advises or suggests us, we mistake it for criticism. And by doing that, we only break our confidence. Shilpa says, “Initially, I struggled big-time because I did not take feedback positively. I used to get disappointed and disheartened. But then I adapted myself to the work culture here and got better with time. Today, I am open to feedback. I don’t mind making even 100 corrections to my work, regardless of whether they come from my seniors or juniors. If it’s a valid point, I accept it.”

Shilpa is dedicated to her professional life. “I sometimes find myself working early in the morning and late in the night”, she laughs.

Especially since the lockdown started, she believes she has become more productive. So productive that her mom usually asks her, “When do you plan to make time for me?”. Well, no excuses there… You must try to take some time out for your mom, Shilpa! 😀

But the best part is, Shilpa’s passion is her job. And to feed her passion, she does digital art on Procreate graphics editor and actively works on enhancing her skills. She also has an Instagram handle where she wants to build a social media presence for her work.

Despite her busy schedule, Shilpa does not neglect her me-time. These days she spends her weekends learning the Veena, which is an Indian musical instrument. She cycles at least eight miles every morning to maintain her fitness. And in the evenings, she breaks for 15-20 minutes to take her dog out for a walk.

Shilpa playing the Veena

Cut to future talk, Shilpa has some interesting plans.

“What are your long-term goals?”

“I follow female graphic designers, Illustrateria and Parvati Pillai, to name a few, on Instagram and LinkedIn. I also want to become a good illustrator. I plan to retire with a considerable amount of assets that can help me make a living. Also, I am getting married soon. I don’t want to quit my job and depend on my partner after marriage. I want to be a freelancer or own a website like Freepik to make my assets available to people. And I have my hobbies that I have spent years working on. I always want to make time for them.”

Shilpa has a tattoo that says, ‘Family is the key to success’. She believes that family comes first, and they will stick by you through good and bad times.

Shilpa's family

Shilpa is committed, kind, and sometimes quiet. But you know what, Shilpa, we think you’re amazing and truly an inspiration to all the working women! We appreciate you and the great work you do. 🙂

So, this was our story for the week! By the time you’re reading this post, Shilpa will have been married. We wish her a blissful married life! 🙂

On that note, we’re ending this blog post. We hope you enjoyed your read. See you in the next post!

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