Amagi Group + Vtiger CRM


Information Technology


Venezuela, USA, Spain, Ecuador and Chile

“We were looking for the best CRM on the market, we compared the capabilities and decided that Vtiger has the tools, characteristics, and features that we were looking for at an unexpectedly low cost per seat.”

- Wilmer Oliveros, Sales Operations, Amagi Group

About the Company

Amagi Group is a technology services company focused on developing and delivering world-class digital solutions that help its customers maximize their potential. They are based in Caracas, the heart and capital of Venezuela, but are also bringing their expertise and solutions to their customers in the United States, Spain, Ecuador, and Chile.

Wilmer Oliveros has been working for Amagi Group for over four years. He started as a Key Account Manager but with his wealth of knowledge in sales quickly transitioned into his current role in Sales Operations. Along with the many other responsibilities, Wilmer was also in charge of implementing Vtiger CRM within their organization.

The Challenge

Amagi Group was primarily using spreadsheets to manage their data and day-to-day operations. This presented many challenges for them, as they had their eye on growing their business within Venezuela and spreading out to help customers internationally. Wilmer explained, “When we had only 2-3 sales representatives, it was ok to manage all of the opportunities using spreadsheets, but as we grew we needed to keep consistency with all of our information and have all of our data up-to-date."

Wilmer elaborates further, saying, “Spreadsheets were no longer the best solution for us. For example, when using spreadsheets, if two reps happened to be updating information at the same time, one of the entries would be missed.” This caused issues for Amagi Group and its stakeholders as they were not able to get an accurate analysis of the progress of their Deals and the activities surrounding them. Wilmer continues, “With the intention of growth, we continued to add sales reps and began to search for a new tool that would allow our reps to share and add information simultaneously, without problems.”

The Solution

Wilmer and Amagi Group started looking for a CRM solution that would provide necessary features, including but not limited to:

  • Contact Management
  • Interaction Tracking
  • Workflow Automation
  • Reports and Analysis
  • Language Settings/Preferences
  • Marketing Automation

Wilmer started doing a deep analysis of many different CRM solutions and options, such as:

  • Salesforce
  • Zoho
  • Zendesk Sell
  • Odoo
  • Hubspot
  • Sugar CRM
  • Building their own CRM solution

Wilmer also talked about Amagi Group’s experience in trying Vtiger’s open-source CRM saying, “In the past, about 10 years ago, we used Vtiger open-source. Unfortunately, that presented its own set of challenges trying to manage and run our own servers and system, so we wound up going back to spreadsheets. We did remember the capabilities of Vtiger though, which helped influence our final decision.” After extensively looking into all of their options, Wilmer and Amagi Group found that Vtiger’s Cloud CRM was the best fit for their organization.

Wilmer explains, “We were looking for the best CRM on the market. We compared the capabilities and decided Vtiger has the tools, characteristics, and features that we were looking for, at an unexpectedly low cost per seat.” He goes on to say, “With Vtiger’s CRM, we have everything in the Cloud. Everyone, from the sales executive to the salesperson has the opportunity to manage and view all of the information and data in real-time. We now have a clear understanding of how everything is moving, which provides us with the capabilities to grow while also understanding exactly where the growth is coming from.”

Vtiger CRM continues to help Amagi Group manage its data and users in real-time and they are delighted to have accessible and reliable support from their Vtiger account manager and Vtiger’s various support channels. Also, through their extensive use of the Reports module, Amagi Group can now present clear and accurate data to their stakeholders helping to provide a clear and accurate path for growth. Vtiger CRM has truly helped to eliminate the many challenges they faced while using spreadsheets.