Baires + Vtiger CRM




San Isidro, Lima


  • Centralized customer data
  • Streamlined sales, support and field service teams
  • Improved team productivity

About Baires

Baires provides integral solutions in laboratory equipment for education, industry, health and criminalistics. Founded in 2000, the company represents exclusive European manufacturers specialized in the construction of high precision and quality lab equipments. It also houses highly qualified professionals and specialists who have more than a decade of experience in technology to innovate in equipment and products for laboratories.


As the business grew, Baires needed an efficient CRM system to streamline its entire sales and support process. José Luis Pellegrino, the general manager of the company recounts the ordeal “We were using 5 different applications - MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, Outlook, and Acrobat reader - to create and send quotes to customers. Using these disparate systems led to inefficient sales process and lowered team’s productivity.” This is when Jose decided to go looking for a CRM system.

The Solution

Baires started its CRM journey with Vtiger’s Open Source solution and later switched to the cloud version for greater customizability and support. Jose explains, “When I started evaluating CRM solution for my business, I spent 5 to 6 months comparing softwares. Most the CRMs were expensive and offered limited customizability. Vtiger was the only CRM that met all my business requirements.” After using Vtiger open source for a few years, the team moved to cloud version. He continues, “Vtiger’s cloud version provides more features, customizability and customer support. These were the main reasons for us to move from open source to cloud.”

Vtiger streamlines Baires’ business process

Baires uses Vtiger to streamline operation among its sales, support and field service teams. “Vtiger acts as a hub for all my customer facing teams” says Jose. “My sales team gathers requirements from customers and uses Vtiger to prepare and send quotes to customers. Once the order is received, our service team creates work orders in Vtiger for our field service team to visit the customer’s site and install the necessary equipment. The field service agent uses mobile-app to check-in and check-out of the customer venue.” Once the equipment is installed, highly skilled professionals at Biares conduct a training session for the customers and then start the warranty period for the equipment. He continues, “We create Service Contracts in Vtiger to track annual maintenance services. And when our customers write to us about any issue, a case is automatically created in Vtiger and one of our field service agents is notified.” Since the entire process is tracked in Vtiger, all teams have access to historical interactions and therefore are contextually aware to provide the best customer experience.

Custom reports fuel sales growth

With Vtiger’s custom reports and charts, HackerEarth has insights into key parts of its business. “The way Vtiger allows us to generate custom reports is incredible. I can slice and dice any CRM data to generate reports to gain insights into my sales team’s activities and performance. These reports bring objectivity and transparency into sales which helps me groom my sales team in the best way to win more deals. I start my week by looking into the opportunity report to analyse how much revenue we can bring in that week and identify any blockers.”

Vtiger’s customizability allows Baires team to capture additional information

Vtiger’s ability to allow businesses to store and use more types of information than the standard contacts, deals, and campaigns helps Baires to get more out of the CRM. “Because Vtiger gives us the ability to create our own modules to capture additional information, we are able to save time and money spent on an external application. For instance, We created a custom module to track all expenses for our field service agents within the CRM. And all related records are attached to the expense. This makes reimbursement process quick and easy. We have created a few more modules to track human resource availability and authorize agent’s trips inside the country.” explains Jose.

Vtiger’s ease of use made user onboarding easy

User adoption is crucial for the success of any CRM implementation and ease of use can boost CRM adoption. “Vtiger is an intuitive CRM. My team was up and running within a month or two. Now my entire team loves using Vtiger everyday.” says Jose. Before using Vtiger, the team relied on paper notes, post-its, and several different tools to get things done. This proved to be inefficient. But now, Vtiger helps the team stay more productive.