Desguaces Velazquez + Vtiger CRM

Desguaces Velazquez has increased productivity and efficiency across the organization with Vtiger CRM.


Desguaces Velazquez


Automotive Recycling


Valladolid, Spain


  • Increase in capacity by 35%
  • Access to the latest information
  • Better & faster decisions
  • Increased productivity across the teams
  • Effective communication between the teams
  • Clarity on tasks and work assignments


Desguaces is one of the five largest automotive recyclers in Spain, involved in car recycling and scrap management. They specialize in recycling components from cars and handle about 10,000 vehicles per year. Customer satisfaction is their core strategy. 

The Problem

The work process at Desguaces was not very efficient with the lack of accessibility to the latest data and internal team collaborations. 

The workforce was aware of their tasks and responsibilities but not of other employees. There was no centralized data to see who did what. Employees would work on multiple activities simultaneously but sometimes couldn’t complete them on time. Tasks weren’t managed, resulting in a loss in productivity. The sales team also did not get regular updates about warehouse inventory. Time was wasted when they had to go to the warehouse in person to check if a product required by a customer was available. This also led to lost sales. Internal collaboration was difficult. The warehouse personnel did not know which parts were being sold and hence did not know in what priority the parts had to be extracted. 

As the representatives of Desguaces observed, ‘While everyone was working hard, there was always more work to be done at the end of the day '.

The Solution

So what solution did Vtiger provide to improve the process and enable a better outcome?

Vtiger implemented the Sales, Inventory, and Payment modules, with the point of sale as the focus for Desguaces.

  • Sales module: Enables salespersons to display all the details for a product - current stock in the warehouse with the price and units available. This helps them negotiate with the customer and make a sale right from their desks. Salespersons also create invoices and generate reports with the list of items sold for the day. 
  • Payment module: Helps the accounts department track and monitor payments based on the daily reports generated by the sales team. 
  • Inventory module: Updates the warehouse personnel on what products they have to extract from the cars to be sold, based on sales teams’ reports.


The different modules in the CRM provide up-to-date information about sales, warehouse inventory, and payments to different teams. This has paved the way for better collaboration internally, leading to an increase in productivity and sales.   

Customer satisfaction has increased as:

  • They receive a better service with the sales team confirming the availability of parts by phone.
  • The wait time for the customer has decreased.
  • They receive products at home.

Also, the manager now has better control over tasks and assignments with the Vtiger CRM Dashboards feature. Daily reports give them the trend on sales and invoice payments. The client feels they are at peace because the business is better managed. 

The CRM modules have made internal processes efficient, helping Desguaces increase its capacity by more than 35%. Once a car arrives at the facility, it is registered, pieces are extracted, located in the warehouse, and sold as per demand. The client notes, ‘The reduction in the time taken for the entire process is impressive’.