DH Wireless + Vtiger CRM


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Battle Creek, US


  • Improved collaboration
  • Increased team's productivity


About DH Wireless

DH Wireless Solutions (DHWS) is a leading premier value-added reseller and systems integrator for machine-to-machine (M2M) modems, antennas, communication solutions, and accessories.

DH Wireless Solutions focuses on M2M cellular/wireless data solutions for both mobile and fixed applications. From establishing communications via AVL with fleet management capabilities, to creating wireless “hot spots” while in transit or in a building that simply needs highly dependable and secure communications, DHWS has end-to-end solutions.

The Challenge

DHWS receives dozens of leads a day through multiple channels. Their original lead routing and quoting process lacked efficiency and took up to two days to complete. After a period of exponential lead growth, DH Wireless realized that they needed to accelerate their sales process and keep better track of relationships with their thousands of partners and end customers to enable growth calling for a new CRM solution.

DHWS’s previous CRM, Salesforce, had been in use for several years, but over time grew too cumbersome for their team. As a result, DHWS started an initiative to seek a CRM solution that would accomplish three key goals – provide more flexibility and efficiency in process design, accelerate the sales process, and reduce costs.

The Solution: Vtiger CRM

“Vtiger is an intuitive CRM” says Tom Hutchinson, the CRM administrator at DH Wireless. “Our sales teams can complete tasks that use to take hours with Excel sheets and multiple emails within minutes with Vtiger.”

Complete customization means more information for sales and support teams

For DHWS’s sales and support teams, sharing and finding information is easier than ever. Vtiger’s ability to create entire new modules means that their teams now capture information that would have been cumbersome if not impossible to do with other CRMs. For instance, they have created both Returns and Pilots modules, which are specific to their business that enable their support team to address pre- and post-sales customer support better. Coupled with powerful workflows, DHWS’s sales and support teams have improved their customer response times and are more effective in communicating. Meanwhile, collaboration with customers and partners has improved.

Workflows save time by automating repetitive but time consuming tasks

Workflows additionally provide significant new efficiencies that were previously unavailable to DHWS. For example, when leads are submitted through the web form on DWHS’s website, they are automatically captured in Vtiger. Workflows notify key sales team members, including the assigned sales representative. In addition, the lead referrer is updated with this information and assigned a reference number. This ensures that no lead falls through the cracks and the referrer has confidence that their lead has been received.

Vtiger radically accelerates the quote-to-sale process

Possibly the biggest boost to DHWS’s sales team efficiency comes from their new quote management process. “Vtiger has allowed our quote creation and approval process to become almost instantaneous.” Tom says. When a sales associate creates a quote, a Vtiger workflow automatically emails it to multiple individuals for review and approval. Any of these individuals can authorize the quote. This considerably reduces turnaround time. From there the quote can be sent to a customer directly from Vtiger, and if approved by the customer, can be turned into a Sales Opportunity. Workflows further notify all team members and the customer on the status of the order. These Vtiger workflows streamline DHWS’s process, and have led to significantly scaled operations.

“Our sales and support teams are very appreciative for the tools that Vtiger provides them as the manual processes were a time killer”, says Tom. “The quoting process alone has likely saved numerous hours per week for each sales associate.”