RussAir Technologies + Vtiger CRM




Mumbai, Maharashtra


  • Improved teams productivity
  • Improved collaboration


RussAir Technologies Private Limited, established in 2013, manufactures business environmental and personal health technologies distributor, ranging from air curtains to insect killers and soap dispensers. RussAir Technologies has successfully implemented projects for customers from various industries such as Pharma, Dairy, Beverage & Food Processing, Automotive, Hospitality and other Industries.


RussAir Technologies has over 5000 customers from both large and small enterprises and a network of over 500 resellers. Consequently, managing customer information, deal related data, and customer queries with its paper-based systems was a cumbersome task. Pulling data from these papers to create reports and project quarterly sales was a tremendously inefficient process. The sales team spent more time on filing papers and searching data from those files than closing deals. The inefficiency in managing deal related data caused unwanted delays and poor customer experience. To resolve these problems, RussAir’s options were either to invest heavily in new on-premise systems and personnel to keep those systems operational, or to find a cloud-based solution that could reduce much of the labor and expense.

The Solution: Vtiger One Edition

“We were looking for an intuitive CRM solution that could accommodate all of our business needs. And Vtiger worked perfectly for us.” says Mr. Sanjay Ray Chowdhury, the CEO at RussAir Technologies. “We evaluated a couple of other CRMs such as Salesforce and SAP. But these CRMs either lacked the flexibility we needed or were overpriced. Vtiger is easily configurable to our business process and is priced at best for us” Sometimes more money is spent in customizing than any part of CRM. We did all customizing in-house due to the ease of flexibility.”

RussAir Technologies achieves 34% CAGR with the help of Vtiger sales insights

“Tracking opportunities and sales pipeline on paper was a tedious task for for the Sales Team of RussAir. Sanjay says, “Managers had zero visibility into sales rep’s pipeline. We couldn’t efficiently track the size and status of opportunities each sales rep was working on. Forecasting sales per month per quarter was absent.”

Vtiger CRM solved this problem. “With Vtiger CRM, our sales managers generate sales reports regularly to track opportunities in the pipeline. And if the managers spot opportunities in the same status for a long time, they quickly intervene to check if sales reps are facing any difficulties in progressing the deal.” By monitoring sales rep activities, manager can identify barriers that are holding any reps back from hitting their quota. They can also spot opportunities to train reps to maintain a healthy sales pipeline. “Since Vtiger helps us keep our sales pipelines accurate and healthy, we are able to estimate monthly targets and forecast our quarterly sales better without any guess work.” Sanjay continues to say, “Visibility into sales pipeline and accurate forecasts fuelled our 34% CAGR. And we could achieve this with no increase in the number of employees in the team. For us that was incredible. Vtiger helps our sales team get more done in less time and reach monthly targets faster.”

RussAir Technologies has become a completely paperless organization

RussAir Technologies always wanted get rid of paper documents. “Our entire sales process was managed on paper documents. Before using Vtiger, we were printing every document – quote, invoice, and other sales documents – on paper for sending it to customers.”

With Vtiger, RussAir became a completely paperless organization. “Ever since we started using Vtiger, we are able to save at least 3 reams of paper on quotation process for each customer. Furthermore, we are able to save on printing costs too.” The way the company operated changed. Managers became more accountable for their decisions as all information was documented in the CRM and had an audit trail.

RussAir Technologies’ support team can better serve their customers

RussAir’s customer service teams across India use Vtiger to find and help the customers closest to them. “We organize the customer queries based on their location. Every day, customer service representatives login into Vtiger from different locations to check tickets generated for their locations and take next steps to resolve those issues. Without Vtiger, it was impossible to implement SLA based ticket management. Vtiger has significantly improved the customer experience post sales.” Since RussAir’s sales team uses Vtiger to capture all customer related data during the sales process, the support team members can easily access this information to provide solutions to customers.

Vtiger & RussAir’s relationship is getting stronger

Since implementing Vtiger CRM, Sanjay has observed continuous improvement in the way his team interacts and engages with customers. The 360-degree history of contacts stored in Vtiger CRM gives his team every detail to provide the best possible solution. “There is a long way to go ahead with so many new functionalities that is released regularly by Vtiger”, he says. RussAir Technologies is looking forward to using the Document Tracking and Quote Discount Approvals features that were recently released. RussAir’s team is usually the first to implement new features and actively interacts with Vtiger to provide valuable feedback. It is a symbiotic relationship that is growing stronger every year.