Shinka IT + Vtiger CRM

Shinka is saving time and improving results with the Vtiger app in MS Teams


Information Technology


Beaufays, Belgium


  • Time-saving
  • Easy access to information
  • Effective communication
  • Better & faster decisions


Shinka IT specializes in networking, IT security, and flow analysis. Shinka’s products and services are used by medium and large organizations internationally. Due to its very strong specialization, Shinka offers solutions that meet specific ICT needs. Its strategy is centered on constantly listening to its customers and strategizing on the best solutions.

The problem before using the Vtiger app in Microsoft Teams

MS Teams has been Shinka’s primary tool for internal communication across the organization.

Shinka’s Sales, Delivery, and Customer Service teams have been relying on Vtiger CRM since 2017 to manage contacts, deals, quotes, POs, SOs, invoices, delivery notes, receipt notes, and cases.

The Problem

Shinka’s employees found it difficult to share CRM information within MS Teams while interacting with their co-workers.

Here is what Sebastien Beuken, a senior member of Shinka’s IT Team, noted:

“We work every day both on our CRM (Vtiger) and with Microsoft Teams to communicate with colleagues and share info. We were stuck with doing basic copy/paste of links in our Microsoft Teams meeting in order to get the information about our daily data.

We lost valuable time jumping from one software to another in order to retrieve data from records.

We needed an in-depth integration from our CRM within our main communication tool (MS Teams).”

The Solution: Vtiger App in MS Teams

In July 2021, Sebastien didn’t waste much time soon after seeing the new Vtiger app in MS Teams Apps Marketplace. (Vtiger had developed this app with the assistance of members of the Microsoft team.)

The app made it easy for Shinka’s team to share CRM records information easily within MS Teams. They could also easily access CRM dashboards and lists within MS Teams.

Sebastien said that “The fully integrated Vtiger add-on within Teams allowed us to retrieve much-needed information directly from within MS Teams. The best part is probably the « Search » Keyword with Vtiger Bot. It works very well and responds very fast.

Now, our Vtiger data is very easy to retrieve and share within Teams, both with the Vtiger bot, Plugin Tab dashboard, and also the Vtiger source button within our « Conversations » tab.

We also had a meeting with the Vtiger developers about our experience with the first version, and some requested changes were quickly implemented after this meeting (made some items clickable, allowed search in custom modules).”

User Feedback

Shinka’s team members found it very easy to understand and use. The plugin was adopted organization-wide. Currently, it is used frequently by project managers.

Most of our users weren’t aware such easy integrations were possible before they saw the add-on!

Business Benefits

In Customer’s words: “Definitely, the most important outcome is saving time with the search and share feature, and the access to important information easily. It helps us communicate well and arrive at better decisions faster.”