JioMeet integration with Vtiger CRM

Seamless user experience in video conferencing

Connect and collaborate easily with real-time video calls.

JioMeet is a video-conferencing app developed by Reliance and is now accessible in Vtiger CRM.


  • Schedule the meetings from Events, Contacts, Deals and Webchats modules in the CRM.
  • Share the meeting link through Emails, Events, and Webchats.
  • Every created JioMeet meeting is available as a record in the Events module.
  • Save the Minutes of the meeting in the meeting record.
  • Set reminders to remind invitees to attend the meeting.


  • Schedule customer meetings directly from the CRM.
  • Host different business meetings like sales demos, training sessions, and weekly sales meetings.
  • Save time by fetching the information about held meetings.

Available in these editions:

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