Survey Anyplace + Vtiger CRM

Survey Anyplace is on a mission to save the world from boring surveys! The survey maker lets you build interactive, engaging quizzes, assessments, surveys, forms and calculators, that capture the respondents’ attention, getting you better data in return.

What is Survey Anyplace and why is it useful?

Interactive questionnaires are the perfect type of content to generate more new leads on your website. They can take the shape of a marketing assessment, a personality quiz, a form that talks back to you or anything in between. It’s by providing your audience with personalized interactions that you can stimulate their engagement and collect valuable insights.

Survey Anyplace enables you to get to know your audience by letting you create questionnaires that get you better data in just a few steps. Increasing your chances of catching more leads, of pushing people further through your sales funnel or to follow up after an initial contact has been made.

Benefits of Integrating Survey Anyplace with Vtiger CRM: 

  • Automatically fill out your Vtiger list of contacts in a clean and user-friendly way.
  • Enrich existing customer data with new insights.
  • Register personal preference based on given answers and build accurate segments.
  • Use given answers to personalize follow up.

Available in these editions:

One growth one professional one enterprise