Vtiger CRM Bot in Google Chats

Save time and retrieve the CRM records info easily from the Google Chats using the Vtiger CRM bot.

Google Chat is a secure communication tool many companies use to collaborate with their co-workers.


  • Add the Vtiger CRM bot as an individual chat to have a one-to-one conversation and retrieve information.
  • Add the Vtiger CRM bot in chats or spaces to retrieve and share information with others.
  • Use a single command pattern for the bots to fetch information from the CRM. For example, /vtiger_contacts *keyword* to fetch records from the Contacts module.
  • Vtiger CRM bot supports the following modules: Contacts, Deals, Tasks, Events, Cases, and Search.
  • View the list of acceptable commands in case of invalid command is given.


  • Save time by fetching the information in Google Chats without going to the CRM.
  • Improve collaboration by yielding the required details.
  • Make informed decisions in an instant with quick data.

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