Become a Vtiger CRM Solution Provider

Two categories of solution providers exist – solution providers and certified solution providers.

Solution Providers

In order to be eligible for listing, partners must meet an established standard of quality. Partners that meet or exceed these standards can join this program by paying an annual listing fee. Listings will include company and service details, region, and a backlink to your website.

Limited to 6 solution-providers per country

Certified solution providers

Certified providers will receive a premium position on our partner page (listed at the top) and will naturally be preferred by clients who are looking for services.

Limited to 3 certified solution provider per country

The partner solution provider benefits are as follows:

Benefits Solution Provider Certified Solution Provider

Partner Logo on

Partner listing on Vtiger site

Preferred Partner Placement on

Permission to Use Vtiger word in PPC Campaign (title and the description shouldn’t mention 'hosting'.)

General Benefits

Certified Badge

Vtiger partner newsletters

Sales & Product presentations

Vtiger logo for partner use


  • Maintain certification requirements (Staff) – 1 Sales, 2 Developers (strong background in Vtiger CRM consulting and customer deployments)
  • Two verifiable references from clients who have purchased services worth over $2,000 in the last year
  • 6 months to 1 year of history working with Vtiger

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