ProImageExperts + Vtiger CRM




Solon, Ohio


  • Improved team efficiency
  • Complete transparency into business process

About ProImageExperts

ProImageExperts is a US based digital image and video post-production service company that serves clients across the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom and other parts of Europe. Employing more than 240 skilled production staff, ProImageExperts provides dedicated production teams for each customer, with the ability to meet the needs of any customer project by fluidly scaling team size at a moment’s notice.

The Challenge

ProImageExperts faced two significant challenges across its sales and support teams.

During its peak business season, ProImageExperts’ support team was often flooded with customer questions in emails and calls. A team of six account managers had to attend to over 150 emails every day. Lacking an efficient case tracking system, many queries went unanswered, presenting a significant impediment to a great customer experience.

Meanwhile, ProImageExperts’ sales team used excel sheets to track and manage customer information and related data. This meant sales managers lacked visibility into sales pipeline and sales activities, making it hard to identify bottlenecks in the sales process and to provide the right coaching when needed.

ProImage Experts wanted a CRM system that could efficiently track all its sales and support activities and keep all customer related data at one place.

The Solution: Vtiger CRM

“Vtiger helped us consolidate customer related data that was haywire on more than a dozen excel sheets” says Purva, who designed ProImageExperts’ CRM solution. “Since 2004, our customer data was being accumulated on several customer registration systems and our lead information was scattered on 15 excel sheets – our managers had little visibility into these data. But now, with Vtiger all our customer related data is in one place. And managers can now not only track customer data but also monitor all sales and support activities related to that customer.”

Vtiger provides twice the number of features at one third of the price when compared with Salesforce or Sugar CRM

“We evaluated 10 – 15 different CRM systems before selecting Vtiger. We had too many things to be managed in one CRM system. We tried Salesforce, Zoho, Help Scout and many more, but none of those CRMs matched our business needs,” Purva says. “The Salesforce CRM package we had subscribed for did not support a few functionalities that we wanted to implement for our ticketing system. Setting up workflows for support cases was limited. Creating new modules to capture data from subsidiary companies was not possible. To implement additional functionalities in Salesforce CRM we had to pay $90 – $100 per user per month – that was triple of what we pay for Vtiger.”

Vtiger’s customizability allowed Purva to implement Vtiger to work for all her business needs. Purva continues to say, “With Vtiger we implemented an effective ticketing system which was not possible with other CRMs. We set up custom workflows in Vtiger with minimum efforts. We built new modules to track reseller interactions and order information with Vtiger’s Module Builder to capture extra information that was previously not possible.”

ProImageExperts support team improves team efficiency by 50% with Vtiger’s help desk features

Before implementing Vtiger, ProImageExperts support team used Zimbra to track customer emails. Tracking customer queries on email collaboration software such as Zimbra proved to be very inefficient. “Assigning cases to account managers, tracking resolution time, and keeping track of pending cases was impossible” says Dhanshree, ProImageExperts’ support team manager. “Email collaboration softwares such as Outlook, Gmail, Zimbra are all user specific and do not give managers the complete visibility into interactions that happen between customers and account managers. Managers wanted to know what queries customers have and how account managers handle those queries. Since every account manager had his or her own Zimbra account, I had to login into their account every time I had to check status or progress on customer queries”

Vtiger gives Dhanshree complete visibility into her support team activities starting from case creation to closure. “We have custom workflows that automatically assign cases coming from customers to respective account managers. Every case is of different priority and so are response times. High priority cases have response time in minutes and lower priority cases have response time in hours. We have set up multiple Service level agreements (SLA) to ensure that we respond to cases in timely manner. If there is a delay in response, I receive an alert message. Also, I use Vtiger’s support insights and generate reports to evaluate various support metrics such as pending cases by account manager, resolved cases by account manager, case load on each account manager, and more”, says Dhanshree.

ProImageExperts team uses Business hours to set up work hours expectations. “Since we have customers spread across the globe and our team is based in India, we use Business hours to tell our customers when we are available and when not. And our SLAs are based on business hours”, says Dhanshree.

Further, Dhanshree continues to say how ProImageExperts support team extensively uses @mentions for quick internal communication. “Sometimes one account manager answers customer call on behalf of another account manager and passes the message to the concerned account manager. Before using Vtiger, we used emails and sticky notes to share the call notes. This process was inefficient and lacked accountability. But, now with the ability to @Mention team members in Vtiger, sharing information and assigning responsibilities is easier. We no longer use emails for internal communication. All internal conversations happen through @Mentions”.

“With Vtiger’s support automation and collaboration tools, we have seen 50-60% improvement in our overall team efficiency”, Dhanshree says.

ProImageExpert’s sales team uses Vtiger to consolidate all sales related data and track all sales activities

Before using Vtiger, ProImageExperts sales team used spreadsheets to track all sales related information and activities. “The sales team maintained 12-15 spreadsheets to track lead information and associated sales activities”, says Purva. Spreadsheets gave sales manager and team poor visibility into sales activities. “We had no efficient way to assign leads to sales associates, monitor sales calls and track sales follow-ups”

Purva continues “Vtiger helps our sales manager monitor sales activities very closely. With Vtiger, sales manager knows who is working on which lead at any point of time. Once we have a list of leads, sales manager assigns those leads to sales associates based on time zone or service category. Because Vtiger allows filtering of records and gives mass edit option, sales manager can filter leads based on criteria and mass assign them to sales associates in a few seconds.”

“After every sales call, sales associates enter the meeting notes in the comments section and use @Mention to notify concerned people for next action. We have workflows to create tasks and activities for sales follow-up and assign them to sales associates or account managers. This accountability eliminates the chances of 2 or more team members following up with the same customer or lead”, says Purva.

ProImageExperts uses an external order entry system software and syncs the data in Vtiger. “We have an order entry system to record all customer orders. But we wanted to generate reports on these orders in the CRM to develop sales strategies. So, we built a new module called Orders in Vtiger and use Vtiger’s webservices to sync data between our order entry system and CRM. Now, we regularly generate reports on orders in Vtiger”