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Quote creation simplified

A quote is a formal document which states details like price, taxes, discounts, and terms for products or services being sold by a company.

In Vtiger CRM, you can either create a quote from scratch or use a recently created one to save time and effort.

Simplify quote creation by configuring taxes, tax regions, price books, discounts, shipping charges, and other details.

From deal to quote in an instant

You can create a quote from the deal itself. The new quote is linked with the deal automatically.

Sync made in heaven

Sync with Deal lets you easily sync the items in your quote to the related deal. This eliminates errors and duplication of data.

Smart organization

List View lets you see and sort all your quotes based on the most recently modified quote. You can quickly edit, follow or call from the List view itself.

Indulge your curiosity

Use the Summary View to see all the information about a quote. You can also modify the details from here, if needed.

Flexibility in sharing

You can share the quotes created to your prospects either as attachments or as links via email. Additionally, you can choose to export quotes to your computer. You can also select a specific quote to export or export all the quotes.

Generate documents at will

You can conveniently generate documents related to your quotes, such as sales orders, purchase orders, and invoices right from the quote itself.

One View has all the answers

You can view information from other modules related to your quotes via One View. One View offers useful information such as contact details, organizational details, deal information, and sales orders in one place.

Customize templates to your liking

Vtiger CRM lets you change the quote template either temporarily or permanently based on your requirements.

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