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Brand Awareness vs. Brand Recognition

Welcome to our new blog series, A Quick Guide to Brand Awareness!

In this blog series, we will be sharing tips and tricks for building a solid brand identity, increasing visibility, and connecting with your audience.

In the previous blog, we gave you an overview of brand awareness. Let’s understand how it is different from brand recognition in this blog.

Both terms may sound identical, but they are two sides of the same coin. As mentioned previously, brand awareness is your audience knowing your existence in the market whereas brand recognition is how well they are able to identify your brand.

While walking down the street, if your customers are able to identify your brand by looking at the color or logo, it is called brand recognition. So, brand recognition is the next step after brand awareness.

Brand Awareness, as we discussed, is making your audience familiar with your brand. Here, your audience is aware about your existence. They may not consider buying your products but you may be the first choice of preference when they make buying decisions. Brand awareness is the foundation for all marketing strategies without which your audience cannot learn about what you have to offer.

Brand Recognition, on the contrary, refers to the ability of your customers to recognize your brand based on some brand components. It includes logos, colours, jingles, or even product packaging. It is mainly about creating a visual or audio impact that immediately brings your brand to the mind of your audience when seen or heard.

For instance, whenever you see the color or logo of Coca-Cola, you immediately identify it even if you are not a fan. You should be able to establish such kind of impression among people by building effective brand awareness strategies. 

It is important to note that while brand awareness and brand recognition are different, they are also interconnected with each other. Creating brand awareness through powerful marketing and advertising strategies can help you increase brand recognition over time. And, by creating a strong visual presence and consistent messaging, you can improve your overall brand awareness.

It’s simple- When they are aware, then they can recognize you!

Let’s get together in the next blog where we will talk about some techniques to build brand awareness for your business. 

Until then, hop onto our previous blog-Brand Awareness: Definition and why it is important now.